An Ohio teenager returns from a trip to the White House

Dayton, Ohio (WDTN) — Local teenagers are back in the Miami Valley after a special trip to the White House.

Seventh-grader Lucas Robinson, son of Space Command Lt. Col. Daniel Robinson of the National Aerospace Information Center, was selected to visit the White House and decorate a suitcase for the Military Child Education Coalition presentation.

At the ceremony on April 28, Lucas stood alongside young men representing five other military branches.

He said he was nervous about the big opportunity but enjoyed the experience when he finally arrived. During his visit, he met Mrs. Jill Biden and was given an exclusive tour of the White House.

Lucas told 2 NEWS about the meaning of the four flags on the front of his suitcase and how they tie in with his family’s service to our country.

“We put up four flags there,” said Lucas. “The American flag, the British flag, the Space Force flag, the Army flag. It represents and the British flag is because I lived in England.”

Lucas has lived in several different states because of his father’s work, and said his favorite place was Alaska. Told. An Ohio teenager returns from a trip to the White House

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