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Anna Armistead balances work and education to reach her goals

Determined Ohio Chillicothe Students Redefine Success

Anna Armistead is no stranger to working hard. She has embraced the act of balancing her work and education and has designed her life as a young professional and community leader. Throughout her journey, she has acquired diverse skill sets through her various jobs and cultivated her strong ties to her community.as she prepares to finish Associate Degree in Business Management Technology and Ohio University ChillicotheExcited to graduate, Armistead proudly displays the diploma he’d been aiming for as a teenager.

From an early age, Armistead displayed a strong work ethic that he learned from his parents. At age 14, he started his first job at Rustic Gals Boutique, transitioning to full-time employment at age 18, working on the assembly line for his NIC Global Manufacturing Solutions, a parts supplier for Kenworth where his father was factory manager. I worked at . Despite the challenges of balancing his work and school, Mr. Armistead has proven his dedication and drive by completing his final year of high school online and taking on a new position at Kingston National Bank.

Armistead has held various positions, including modeling, childcare, sales, banking, and marketing. Her diverse work experience has given her valuable insights and skills, allowing her to grow and adapt to new challenges. She recently assumed the role of coordinator for the HOPE Partnership Project, a community partnership that brings together agencies, organizations and community members working to prevent, treat and recover from drug use disorders. Previously, she worked as a settlement and marketing agent at Benson and Motes Title Agency.

her involvement very (Empowering Young Professionals in Chillicothe) further demonstrates her commitment to the community. For the past three years, as a member of her EPIC Board of Directors, she has worked with other dedicated individuals to help revitalize the organization and redefine what it means to be a young professional in Chillicothe. . As Head of Communications at EPIC, Armistead leads marketing and communications efforts and plans quarterly events focused on professional and personal development.

Armistead found a way to balance the demands of his job and his education at Ohio’s Chillicothe College.

“It’s been hard balancing everything,” she said. “Sometimes you have to accept the stress. I know it’s hard and it won’t last forever, but don’t forget why you’re doing it.”

She manages her time efficiently with a carefully planned schedule created by her trusted planner, ensuring that all tasks and commitments are taken into consideration. Prioritizing her goals and adhering to a vision board keeps her focused on her personal and professional growth. Armistead strongly believes that setting boundaries and aligning your activities with your priorities will help you stay on track and stay mentally healthy.

vision board
Anna Armistead’s vision board

While balancing responsibilities, Armistead also enjoys pursuing his passions outside of work and school. Cooking and gardening are an outlet for her creativity and a way to relax.

Armistead’s motivation continues to be his desire to improve himself, set a good example for his family, and make his parents, Brian Armistead and Stephanie Armistead, proud. Together with her twin brother, she is the youngest of five children. The tenacious pursuit of her educational goals made her the only one of her siblings to earn a college degree. She chose her business management technology degree because of its versatility and believes it will broadly apply the skills and knowledge she has learned in her previous career.

Armistead is grateful for the support and guidance he has received so far as he nears completion of his associate’s degree. The caring people she worked with, the inspiring professors at Ohio University Chillicothe, her parents, and her best friend Macy Power all played an integral role in her success. Their belief in her abilities empowered Armistead to overcome her challenges and succeed in her academic and professional pursuits.

Armistead said her favorite classes at Ohio University include a business class taught by Dr. Greg Obi, a real estate course taught by Roger Watson, and classes on women, gender and sexuality studies. She was especially grateful for the encouragement of Dr. Tonya Hyer and Dr. Obi in advancing her accounting and business courses.

An Associate Professor of Business Administration, Dr. Obi has interacted with many students throughout his 20 years of teaching in higher education. He said Armistead was one of the standouts among hardworking and diligent students.

“Anna Armistead is certainly one of the most outstanding people! One of the things that makes us proud of the work we do,” said Dr. Obi. “She has always been a shining role model for her colleagues and one of the added value to any organization.”

Looking to the future, Armistead wants to continue to make a difference in the community.

In her new role as Program Coordinator for the HOPE Partnership Project, she will use her marketing skills and passion for community involvement to help drive the work of people and organizations working on substance use disorders issues in and around Ross County. We look forward to assisting you. While she may not be on her front line, she recognizes the power of spreading her awareness and working with local agencies and organizations to effect change.

As she prepares to graduate and adjust to her new role with the HOPE Partnership Project, Armistead remains grateful for the opportunities she has had and the connections she has made. Her story is a testament to the power of her education, hard work and community involvement. With an unwavering drive and passion to make a positive impact, there is no doubt that Armistead will continue to redefine success and inspire others along the way.

https://www.ohio.edu/news/2023/07/anna-armistead-balances-work-and-education-achieve-goals Anna Armistead balances work and education to reach her goals

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