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Best Black Friday Mattress Deals

Black Friday is around the corner and if you’ve been on the hunt for a new bed, now’s the time to invest. As the biggest sale season of the year, countless mattresses will be available for the lowest prices.

Since so many companies will be offering deals and discounts on their mattresses this year, finding the right bed might get a little confusing. That’s where we come in. We’ve rounded up the biggest deals on the best mattresses this Black Friday to make your shopping experience easier.


Amerisleep is easily one of the best brands offering deals this Black Friday. With such a large variety of mattresses to suit different sleep styles, anyone can find the perfect bed for their needs.

This Black Friday, Amerisleep is offering deals on both their memory foam and hybrid mattresses. The main mattress models include the AS1, AS2, AS3, AS4, and AS5, with the AS1 being their firmest bed and the AS5 being the softest. The other AS2, AS3, and AS4 models range from medium-firm to medium-soft to suit every type of sleeper.

Amerisleep’s hybrid models are the AS2 Hybrid, AS3 Hybrid, and AS5 Hybrid, which are the hybrid counterparts of the memory foam mattresses. Rather than foam bases, Amerisleep uses durable pocketed coils for their hybrids. A hybrid mattress is a good choice for sleepers or anyone looking for a buoyant bed.

Are you a sustainability-minded shopper? No need to worry, Amerisleep has got you covered too. The Organica by Amerisleep® is a latex hybrid mattress made with sustainably-sourced wool, natural latex, and organic cotton.

Amerisleep is offering $300 off all mattresses plus a free bedding bundle this Black Friday! If you’re interested in buying an adjustable base too, those are available at Amerisleep for 30% off.


Zoma Sleep is the best mattress company for athletic adults and chronic pain sufferers. Zoma’s mission is to help you sleep deeper, soothe your muscle pain, and boost your physical performance.

This Black Friday, Zoma is offering deals on their flagship mattress and its hybrid counterpart.

The Zoma Mattress is a memory foam mattress built to keep you cool while targeting pressure points. It contains gel memory foam, springy Reactiv™ transition foam, and a durable Support+ foam base. It has a medium feel great for all types of sleepers.

The Zoma Hybrid contains gel memory foam and Reactiv™ foam, like the Zoma Mattress. However, the hybrid uses pocketed coils and a thin foam base in place of Support+ foam. This construction maximizes airflow to keep you cool, isolates motion, and supports your spine.

During their Black Friday sale, you can save $150 on both mattress models and receive up to $150 in free Zoma Pillows!


Vaya is one of the best brands when trying to score a deal on a good mattress. They offer low prices on high-quality mattresses year-round, but this Black Friday, you can get $300 off any mattress, plus a free pillow.

You have the option between two mattresses at Vaya: the Vaya Mattress and the Vaya Hybrid. Customers love them for their versatility, durability, and great price.

The Vaya Mattress features proprietary Vaya Comfort Foam and Vaya Base Foam. With its medium feel, it’s built to suit any sleeping position and couples sharing a bed. The Vaya Hybrid contains pocketed coils in place of the Vaya Base Foam for extra bounce, breathability, and support.

Regardless of which Vaya mattress you prefer, you can get them for under $1000 during Vaya’s Black Friday sale.

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