Best Cleaning Tips to Make Your House Look Like New

A mess can be different: for example, the apartment has not been cleaned for a long time, it has not been vacuumed or dusted, things are lying around in some places, there is a forgotten cup of coffee in the living room. Restoring cleanliness, in this case, is not hard: a couple of hours — and everything will be in the best possible way!

Another thing is a chronic mess. In such a house you can’t immediately clean it up even if a cleaning services Spokane is involved in the process. You can’t even wash the floor properly — something is lying at every step, the window sills are staffed. If chronic clutter is about your home, don’t despair! Whatever the scale of the disaster, the human mind can defeat chaos — at least within a single apartment.

Best Cleaning Tips to Make Your House Look Like New

1.   House Cleaning Starts with Decluttering

The first step is to unload the space, get rid of unnecessary things. There are many methods for every taste. Why do you need to declutter at least once a year or six months? Because this is an extra load in your life, probably some unresolved psychological problems. It is more pleasant to open the withdrawable drawer, visually see all the items and immediately take what you need.

2.   Find a Place for Everything

And do not be lazy to clean it after each use. Your goal is not to make the room sterile, but to ensure that anything can be easily taken from where it is stored. Many people after work put clothing on chairs. Also, they put washed and dried things there. Textiles are always a source of dust. If you can’t put a thing in your wardrobe, then you have a bad wardrobe!

3.   Don’t Disregard the 15 Minutes Rule

This is a fairly common practice in which you spend 15-30 minutes every day cleaning one area. Before work, during (if you work from home), or after it — it doesn’t really matter. But these 15 minutes are really enough to completely clean up one area. For instance, you can create a cleaning schedule:

  • stove, kitchen worktop, and sink — Monday,
  • bathroom — Tuesday,
  • toilet — Wednesday,
  • windows in the house — Thursday and so on.

Best Cleaning Tips to Make Your House Look Like New

Thus, in a week, a total of more than 2 hours of cleaning is obtained. The main thing here is to clean up as it gets dirty and not to delay.

4.   Watch out for “Hot Spots”

“Hot spots” are those areas where things accumulate the fastest, they are littered daily. In ordinary houses and apartments, most often, these are coffee tables, dining tables, telephone shelves, cabinets in the hallway and near the bed.

Remember that absolute and magazine minimalism can only be found in pictures on the internet, and we are all living people, and we have things that we use daily. There is nothing wrong with leaving a hairbrush and styling spray near the mirror if you use it all the time. But for keys, a wallet, bank cards, and small things — find better storage. Checks and one-time tickets should be placed in the trash can.


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