Best Moissanite Engagement Rings Designs For 2023

Engagement Ring designs have come a long way, from simple round bands to more complex contemporary designs. Each year, we get to see special ring designs that we have not seen before. With the introduction of moissanite engagement rings over the years, the trends have tremendously grown bringing up all kinds of rings that we would love to see and wear.

As much as men are involved in the choice of engagement rings, the ultimate goal is to meet women’s expectations. For that reason, jewelers continue to design new and better rings to meet the ever-growing and diverse tastes. All these developments have factored in the gemstone material, size and metal. Every woman wants to have a unique engagement ring during the proposal and feel modern with the latest trends.

Top Engagement Ring Designs in 2023 

Every woman wants to stay in fashion and update on what is going on in the jewelry market. For that reason, they like to keep up with the trend to feel on top of the world. Therefore, there will be a rush to get the latest ring design for engagement. If this is what you are looking for, here are the best moissanite engagement rings in 2023 to prioritize in your list:

  • Heart-Shaped Moissanite Ring Design

All engagement rings are a symbol of love and commitment. However, the heart-shaped moissanite ring is fully expressive through its design. In recent times, this ring design has gained a lot of attention among couples. Again, it is expected to continue into 2023.

The initial heart-shaped design was made in the 16th century. Due to the love for antique designs, more and more people will be going for this design with a modern touch. With moissanite at the center of it all, you will get a shine like no other. 

  • Asscher Moissanite Ring Design

This is a colorless ring with a pinnacled center moissanite stone and 14KT white gold. They are elegant pieces of jewelry that appeal to the eye and win the attention of onlookers. The moissanite is beautifully crafted to give your woman a sparkling look and shine.

Asscher moissanite rings have recurrent round stones placed on the sides of the metal. This is key in giving it an additional contemporary image and creative beauty. You can also get the metal band in rose or yellow gold in case you don’t want the white gold.

  • Oval Halo Moissanite Ring Design

Studded at the center of the band with small stones going around an oval-shaped gem, the oval halo ring is another great option to consider. Most importantly, it is available in different gold metal stones: yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. Therefore, you can pick what you want.


The glorious halo design is built with an oval stone encircled using these small moissanite stones. Again, the metal band is beautifully studded with small stones on both sides. 

  • Princess Cut Moissanite Ring Design

The princess cut is not new in the jewelry industry. However, it is one of the few trendy options to look out for in 2023. Their beauty and brilliance are comparable to that of round rings. It is a timeless and versatile ring design that is appealing to the eye of every onlooker.

Despite its beauty and elegance, the princess-cut moissanite ring design is quite affordable. You can get it as a simple band or with some bit of sophistication.

  • Marquise Moissanite Ring Design

This ring design is available in 10KT, 14KT and 18KT gold. It radiates elegant sophistication and grace creating a great appeal. Some designs have a center stone encircled with small others while some come with metal bands with tiny moissanite gems studded on them.

You can also find marquise moissanite rings in minimalistic designs as well. These types of moissanite ring designs are increasingly becoming popular going into 2023 and beyond.

Moissanite engagement rings continue to dominate the market due to their quality and versatility. Available in different sizes and shapes, moissanite allows every jewelry lover to explore different ring designs before buying them. Use this guide to help you pick the best moissanite engagement rings in 2023 for a great feel experience. There are both timeless and contemporary designs with an outstanding looks.

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