Black Friday Update: ROIDMI Eve Plus robot vacuum on huge discount

Black Friday is without doubt the best time of the year to buy home appliances. Many expensive appliances hit their yearly low on this occasion, like ROIDMI Eve Plus self-emptying robot vacuum. The Black Friday 2021 lies on November 26. On this day, the price of ROIDMI Eve Plus will dive deep. Get ready to snatch one!

ROIDMI Eve Plus, the hottest model of ROIDMI, is nothing like regular robot vacuums. To start with, it has a self-emptying and sterilizing dust station. After cleaning, ROIDMI Eve Plus docks back home and empties the waste into the enclosed dust bag in the dust station. And the dust station will sterilize the waste constantly to keep bacteria and smells from growing. The dust bag will be automatically packed when it’s full after 60 days for you to simply throw it away.

Other than that, the 2,700pa robot can effortlessly gobble all waste from dust, hair to food debris. It’s equipped with the latest-gen LED LiDAR and SLAM algorithm to quickly map and design the route.

If you don’t want to miss the once-in-a-year discount of ROIDMI, log in on Aliexpress and add it to the cart. Once the discount starts, you can order it right away and have it sent to your front door as soon as possible. Go now if you don’t want to wait for another year!


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