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Boost Your Instagram Brand Presence With These Video Techniques

A brand’s social media strategy must include Instagram videos of all shapes and sizes—stories, videos, reels, and live.

You agree, don’t you?

Instagram video offers brands a massive reach with an advertising audience of more than 1.16 billion viewers.

It also helps content creators to reach their audiences by narrating the brand story.

But how to make the right use of it?

If that’s your next question, please read our guide to learn to boost your Instagram brand presence with these video techniques.

We also got a treat for you.

At the end of this article, you will find video tools to manage your Instagram videos at the end of this article.

Let’s start!

Boost Your Instagram Brand Presence With These Video Techniques

Boost Your Instagram Brand Presence With These Video Techniques

Similarly, every Instagram audience’s needs are different.

They prefer different video formats for educating and entertaining themselves.

But one thing is the same and, i.e., these video techniques.

Incorporate these video techniques into your business and see results for yourself.

Start With A Hook

What is the time limit for grabbing your audience’s attention?

Just three seconds!

If your video or story doesn’t excite them in these three seconds, they will scroll past your feed or account.

So, how to stop the thumbs?

Give them a reason to stay!

You can add arresting visuals to your videos to capture their attention.

You can also post the teaser of what’s coming up.

Keep The Medium In Mind

We conducted a small survey within our team to check what medium they prefer to watch an Instagram video.

90% of them said they enjoy watching videos on their mobile phone.

Meaning if you make videos and reels, it’s best to shoot them in a vertical orientation.

Though most Instagrammers shoot video on their phone in portrait or selfie mode, it is something for those who use a camera to shoot their video.

We are not saying the audience will not tilt their phone sideways if the video is good.

They will surely do.

Moreover, if the video is long, viewers will enjoy it in landscape mode.

Provide Valuable Content

No matter how good you’re at marketing your products or service, if you don’t provide value to your audience with the content you produce, they will leave you.

So always aim to provide value in whatever fashion you think is right.

Your pitch should be pure entertainment value, whether it’s a comic relief, fascinating conversation, or magnetic personality.

You can also help your audience with

  • tips and tricks,
  • How-to,
  • workshops, or
  • thought-provoking information

Give Clear Message

When we say a clear message, we scream clear and concise.

Whenever you sit down to make a video, ask yourself this question:

When someone watches my video, they will _______.

The answer must be relevant, but anything like

  • “stay positive”
  • “laugh out loud”
  • “enjoy the DIYs” or
  • “learn how to make pancakes.”

If you deliver on your promise, you’re likely to get more views, engagement, shares, and thus overall boost in brand presence.

Share Tips And Tricks/Hacks/DIYs

Who doesn’t like to make their lives easy with hacks, DIYs, and tips and tricks?

Sure, everyone does!

You can provide valuable information in a fun and easy way to build a lasting relationship with your audience.

You can take the help of reels to do so.

Moreover, teasing long-form content with reels can drive traffic and generate conversions.

So don’t look any further.

Start marking informative reels, link them in your bio, and direct viewers to them.

Make Accessible Videos

Let’s speak stats first!

As per Instagram, 60% of the audience watch Stories with sound on.

But there’s a vast Instagram audience with hearing impairments.

They should get the meaning of your video right.

How to do that?

By adding the text(s)!

Timed text works wonders for IG stories and reels.


Add Attention-Grabbing Caption

Don’t underestimate the power of a caption, either.

The caption is your second chance to stop your audience from scrolling past your feed if your video fails to do so.

Using Tools like Clipomatic can save you time and make your videos more accessible.

They automatically add captions to your video when you use them.

Use Boomerangs

No one appreciates boring content.

Instead, the audience scrolls past your content to something else more entertaining more creative in a fraction of a second.

So if you want to stand out with your Instagram profile, throw all your creativity into it.

Consider Boomerangs or Instagram Stories as a way to spice up Instagram video marketing.

The best part of boomerangs is they are short-span delightful visuals. They will attract the eyeballs of your audience.

Use Animated Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos are attracting eyeballs for all the right reasons.

They convey complex ideas in less than 2 minutes in a simple, engaging, and meaningful way.

To begin with, you can experiment with animated explainer videos to put on your Instagram stories.

In doing so, you will not clutter up your feed.

If they receive a good response from the audience, you can gradually move on to the feed.

Use Hashtags In Your Instagram Videos

Believe us or not, Hashtags have great relevance on Instagram!

  • Want to attract more followers—use hashtags!
  • Want to increase local visibility—use hashtags!
  • Improve engagement with potential customers—use hashtags!
  • Generate more leads for your business—use hashtags!

And if you think hashtags are only relevant to the photo post or stories, they are not.

They are of equal importance for videos and reels as well.

By using hashtags in your video formats, you can quickly achieve what’s just been said above.

Choose The Best Hashtags

Now comes the challenging part—choosing the best hashtags.

We’re sorry to break into you; no one (including us) can guide you to choose the best hashtags for your videos.

You, by yourself, have to play the game of permutation and combination.

It will help research the hashtags used by content creators who make similar content.

Moreover, hashtags should be popular/organic enough to be searched by your audience.

For example, if you own a beauty store, you can use hashtags like #lipstick #mascara.

Something like #foundationforoilyskin would work even for your Instagram video.

If you own a store, try to add your location in the hashtags and video location.

It will help you with better reach.

And people in the local area might also show up at your store.


Study Competitors Approach

Put on your Sherlock hat and coat and start studying your competitors,

  • What audience are they targeting?
  • What hashtags are they using?
  • Are their hashtags bringing more followers?

Answer all these questions!

And if their strategy to boost brand presence excites you, try to incorporate that in your Instagram.

However, if that strategy doesn’t work for you, take help from hashtag research tools.

They are available online—both—free and paid.

Put your creativity on display with the best video content you can create and hashtags you use.


Post At The Right Time

There’s no perfect time to post a video, but post at the time when most of your followers are online.

So you can take the help of Instagram insights to determine when they are.

However, as we said, there’s no perfect time to ensure your Instagram videos remain accessible.

How to do that?

By saving Instagram Live videos to your feed!

Your audience can access your videos anytime if they miss a live session.

Follow the same practice for new videos also.


Use Instagram Live Option

Most Instagrammers use the Instagram live option feature to interact with their followers.

Going live helps them strengthen the connection with the audience.

Moreover, content creators get to answer their questions immediately without delay; by doing so, they build trust in their audience.

You can also use this beautiful feature to connect with your audience.

However, do not use live sessions to sell your products or services.

Instead, you can showcase your brand values and address audience concerns with one-on-one interaction.


Show Off

Show off what?

Your personality!

And you can make the right use of reels here!

Reels make an excellent tool for building a more personal connection with followers while establishing your brand compared to stories.

They also add more value to the content.

But what content to put on the reels that reflect my personality?

You can post ‘the making’ of your videos. It’s like BTS!

Your audience will enjoy it when they get a sneak peek of what goes into making a video.

They will also appreciate the efforts you put in to bring the best content.

It will also show how honest and unfiltered you’re in real life.

And when you do so much, your audience will do the word-of-marketing to bring in more followers.


Cross-Promote Your Videos

We are almost done!

And now we know there are many ways to boost brand presence.

By using boomerangs, gifs, stickers reels, or using hashtags!

We’ve also talked about investing in paid advertisements.

But there’s one point we have been saving for the last: cross-promote your Instagram videos before and after posting.

What is cross-promotion?

It’s promoting your videos/content via different mediums.

Like you can share your videos on stories, or you can copy the link of the video and add it on your WhatsApp and Facebook status.

In addition to increasing views, it will also drive engagement on other platforms, making your video worth the time and effort.


Run Instagram Video Ads

Out of all the benefits of Instagram, the power to advertise is our favorite.

Since it’s hard to reach more audiences with just the organic content, take the help of Instagram’s paid advertising option.

With Instagram advertising, you receive all of the powerful targeting given by Facebook.

You can target specific groups.

For example, you can take the help of an email list to acquire a similar audience—strikingly identical to your existing followers whom you have not yet touched.

When you do all this, your Instagram videos will receive more views.

More views ultimately bring more followers!


Be Regular

If you ask us the surest technique that works, we would say: “Be Regular.”

Regular with your posts and content.

Especially with long-formats like Instagram Video and Instagram Live!

Now the second question is how to be regular?

You can create a time and date schedule when you will make your content public.

You can also share the same with your audience to keep them hooked to your profile.

Like, stay tuned for the next Instagram live on ____day!

You can also develop a video series.

In this way, you can regularly keep your followers interested and tuned in!

If you’re bad at scheduling, take the help of calendars for scheduling tools available out there.

They will make sure all your content goes out in time.

To build excitement for an Instagram Live or upcoming video premiere, you can create a countdown sticker in your Instagram Story.


Put A Professional Shine On Your Videos

Ok, we will stop here, right now!

Just one last tip!

The last tip on boosting brand presence!


By putting a professional shine on your videos!

Don’t worry!

You don’t have to be an expert.

There are plenty of video editors available at your disposal.

Try these Instagram video apps to perfect your video content.


Adobe Premiere Rush

How can we miss mentioning Adobe while talking about video editing tools?

It’s hands down one of the best editing tools available out there. It has many stunt-worthy effects and features to make your social videos stand out.

What’s more to it?

It has an audio library where you can add your recordings as well.

But nothing comes free, and Adobe Premiere Rush also comes with a price tag.

However, you get all the promised benefits.


Adobe Spark

Want to size Instagram videos?

Use Adobe Spark!

It automatically sizes and adds interactive elements to your videos.

The tool also has an inbuilt photo and audio library.

Why look further?

Take advantage of this beautiful tool to make your videos more attractive.


Apple Clips

If you’re an iOS user, you don’t have to run looking for a perfect video editor.

Apple’s video editor slices and dice your videos just as you want them.

The app also includes filters, special effects, and graphics and lets you add text and subtitles to your videos.


Are you someone who struggles with live captions?

If yes, Clipomatic is there to aid you!

It works both ways to add a caption as you speak or a pre-recorded video.

We haven’t told the best part of the tool yet.

It’s available in more than 30 languages.


Want to be a part of video action but only have access to audio and text?

Don’t worry.

Headliner, have you covered.

Originally designed to promote podcasts, Wondery, the BBC, and CNN are now using the app to promote their content.

You can also use Headliner to convert audio files to shareable, animated videos.


Lumen5 is easily one of the best tools for creators looking to turn their blogs into videos.

This powerful tool pulls images and words into a storyboard brand.

How exciting is that!

Bottom Line

Video(s) on your Instagram profile is a great way to showcase your business and what you offer.

However, it demands effort and dedication to become an Instagram sensation; you won’t become one overnight.

Even so, you can establish your brand presence on Instagram and build your influence using the steps mentioned above.

Now you know how to use video marketing techniques to outgrow yourself and your competitors, it’s time to make it happen.

Stop delaying, start working!

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