Brian Macron: Death for no reason

The family of Brian Macron never ceases to ask how the body of the Lafayette Township Trustee, with no apparent cause of death, was found in Lake Chippewa in 2017.

Medina County, Ohio — The film has grown into a small-town mystery shrouded in a crime scene that many believe was staged.

Strewn with police missteps, there have been strange deaths that are still unexplained six years later.

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The mystery unfolds in two unlikely settings in Medina County, beginning in the bloody government offices of Lafayette Township and ending in the tranquil waters of Lake Chippewa.

The show is a drama filled with scattered bits and pieces left behind by Brion Macron, a married father of three and a longtime Marine jewelry salesman turned politician.

The epilogue leaves him with a heartbroken wife, three young daughters, and the feeling that something more is happening in the early hours of December 16, 2016.

“I just open the door at night, take out the trash, and look at the street, when are you coming back? It’s terrible. It’s a total nightmare,” said Victoria Macron.

Victor Macron and Brian Macron are a typical suburban couple who raised their daughter well after 23 years of marriage. All that changed when Ms Victoria Macron got a call while she was at work. Brion was missing.

Bryon Macron, who was serving his first term as one of three town councilors, had told several friends and colleagues a few days earlier that on a frigid December morning, a month earlier, the fire had gone down. He said he was scheduled to meet with residents who were outraged by the tax passage.

Curiously, Mr Macron agreed to meet with the man, even though he had spoken to him many times since election day and did not know the name of the person who called him. To this day, the person named “Angry Resident” has not been proven to exist, much less identified.

In preparation, Mr. Macron arranged for fellow trustee Mike Costello and service director Rick Evans to come to the town administration building with him in case the meeting turned ugly.

But when Evans arrived for his usual 7 a.m. shift, he found the office unlocked, blood splattered and chaotic.

Macron’s broken glasses and mobile phone on the floor, strangely opening the phone’s calendar with a reminder to “meet angry residents.”

For investigators, skepticism took hold almost immediately. The crime scene seemed too perfect. It may have been staged.

Meanwhile, on the beach of Lake Chippewa, a four-minute drive away, was President Macron’s black Chevrolet SUV.

The driver’s side interior was stained with blood. The door is locked. There is a key inside.

Mr Macron is still nowhere to be seen.

Suspicions about Victoria Macron quickly rose. in law enforcement. at her husband’s colleague.

“There is no doubt in your mind that you believe he was murdered,” Rinna Lai of the 3 News Research Bureau said during a recent interview with Victoria Macron at her home. asked.

“Of course I do,” she said.

“Why do you believe that? So deep down inside…”

“Because I know my husband. As I said, there were things on the record that were exposed, and I think he probably intended to expose them or talk to someone. They didn’t want that information out.”

Watch: Read the full interview with Rinna Rai and Victoria Macron below.

The Medina County Sheriff’s Deputy and the Ohio State Highway Patrol searched the frozen lake in a temperature of 5 degrees Celsius. Macron was never found. A subsequent investigation by the Ohio Bureau of Investigation found that inadequate search efforts and the failure to recover Mr Macron’s body “complicated” the investigation, leaving unanswered questions in a sea of ​​doubt. There was found.

It was two months later that Macron’s body surfaced in a melting lake.

what an anatomy did not do it Shaw freaked out. There was no water in his lungs, suggesting Macron did not drown.

The 45-year-old former Marine was neither shot nor strangled.

There were no signs of restraint. No blunt force trauma. There are no poisons or drugs in the system.

All that investigators found was a source of blood found in the town hall and Mr Macron’s car, with several shallow knife wounds on Mr Macron’s arm, shoulder and neck, all of which were fatal. It wasn’t. According to Medina County coroner Dr. Lisa Delanek, the medical findings indicate that all were likely self-inflicted injuries.

“There was no definitive source to reveal the cause of his death,” she told 3News Investigates. “His heart is in good condition. His lungs are in good condition. There was no brain damage and the injuries received were not life-threatening.”

Ultimately, Delanek concluded a rare find that he estimated had been found in just two of the roughly 1,000 cases he’d handled to date.

“It was unusual from a body point of view that the cause of death could not be determined,” she said.

The cause remains unknown. But Delanek and investigators believe the most likely scenario is that Macron died of hypothermia before he could dive.

Victoria Macron, on the other hand, was outraged. She banned two of her husband’s fellow trustees from attending his funeral. She hired a private detective.

“It just means, [the private investigator] I started looking at the records. He had a feeling something was wrong here,” she said.

The BCI investigation, which ended in 2020, concluded that Mr Macron likely incited an angry public rally to injure himself with a knife. He then drove to the lake and left. Some speculate that he may have staged the kidnapping or that he died in an accident.

The report cited surveillance cameras showing a vehicle similar to Mr Macron’s arriving at the town office at around 2am, a full six hours before the meeting. We then left around 6:30am. One person jogging on Lake Chippewa later recalled seeing a man matching Mr Macron’s description walking out of the SUV shortly afterwards.

Investigators said Mr Macron received a flurry of phone calls from his creditors and often left to answer them. He often claimed the calls were from “angry residents.”

There is evidence that he was using a computer to browse dating sites weeks before his death. The report also claims to have viewed Internet sites about how long humans can survive after amputation and how long they can survive in the cold.

Victoria Macron doesn’t support it. Her family was no worse financially than any, she said. She believes someone was involved in her death and that her husband may have been aware of someone’s criminal activity.

Perhaps it had something to do with the hidden cameras she said were installed in buildings in town. Or the sale of guns mentioned within the text. She questions her DNA evidence from the town hall.

She believes investigators have taken the easy road, ignoring her calls to investigate potential suspects and scenarios.

More than six years later, Victoria Macron is still not convinced her husband’s actions caused his death.

All she can do is wonder and wait. An autograph from her late husband, an answer to a haunting question.

“Oh my god, we talked about growing old together and the kids just watching themselves grow up and the grandkids grow up,” she said. “And I still can’t believe this. It’s just so sad.

“I’ve just been fighting from the beginning, so there’s never been a day when I’ve been sad about myself. And it shouldn’t be like that.”

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