Brook County Town Has New Dog Warden (and Assistant)

Brooke County, West Virginia (WTRF)

Brooke County has a new dog wardens and assistants.

The announcement was made at the weekly committee meeting.

After interviewing nearly a dozen applicants, the Commissioner said Jaetin Popish and Abigail Pelletier stood out.

Popish will start a new job on March 1st and Pelletier on February 16th.

She was hired as an Assistant Dog Warden and Assistant Shelter Director.

One position was originally slated to be filled, but after discussions with the current dog guards and shelter directors, the commissioner thought the need to add another position was too great.

“I help monitor the dogs during my off week and provide emergency emergency response. In addition to sharing the load, I have another full-time job at the shelter to help Brook County animals that are being taken to the shelter. It also helps to give the bodies of the

Thomas DiCerio – Brook County Commissioner

DiCerio said these two new positions would be great additions to the county.

By providing 24/7 coverage for animals and residents in need of help from dog guards and shelters.

https://www.wtrf.com/brooke-county/there-is-an-new-dog-warden-and-assistant-in-town-in-brooke-county/ Brook County Town Has New Dog Warden (and Assistant)

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