Buckeye Ranch embarks on new expansion

A collaboration between The Buckeye Ranch and Nationwide Children’s Hospital. It serves as a bridge between the hospital and your home.

Grove City, Ohio — Buckeye Ranch has announced plans for a new 48-bed residential treatment facility in Grove City.

In partnership with Nationwide Children’s Hospital, it will be a place where young patients can focus on their mental health journey after discharge before returning home.

“I think it’s important to have facilities like that,” said Amber Anderson, who once participated in the Buckeye Ranch housing program.

Having gone through her own mental health journey as a teenager, she said the facility would help other teens. It’s not because of the physical location itself, but because of the team that provides support there.

“I think the biggest thing is to stay strong in your struggle with pain, because whether you believe it or not, or see it, there are people around you who are showing you. Because I have a lot of people who are rooting for me,” she said. Teens.

Kimberly Miller and Christina Massey of Buckeye Ranch said we need this level of treatment here in central Ohio.
They explain exactly how it helps.

Kimberly Miller, executive vice president of strategy and business operations at Buckeye Ranch, said: “Hospitals have residential facilities, but children who are admitted to residential facilities are usually stable on medications. .”

“There is a group of young people in our community who struggle with chronic feelings of self-harm.[They] They are exhibiting the more aggressive type of behavior they exhibit when working on therapy. ”

“Psychiatric, medical, and behavioral health follow-up is needed in children who are discharged from the hospital and whose medications are not stable enough,” Miller said.

They also add that teenagers will no longer have to travel out of state for this type of care. The new build is a commitment to what they call modernized mental health care.

“To really understand that the community understands that there are different levels of mental health,” Miller says.

They are expected to break ground this spring and construction is expected to take two years.

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https://www.10tv.com/article/news/local/the-buckeye-ranch-and-nationwide-childrens-hospital-about-to-break-ground-on-new-first-of-its-kind-facility-in-ohio/530-c21ec082-e433-4c5e-a2d0-b57cf3471460 Buckeye Ranch embarks on new expansion

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