Buffalo has declared a state of emergency for up to 4 feet of snow cover.

Snow began to fall in Buffalo and other parts of New York state on Thursday. The area was gearing up for a massive winter storm that could bring up to 4 feet of snow.

Buffalo declared a state of emergency and Governor Kathy Hochul did the same 11 counties West and Northwest of the state Near Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

“This is a life-threatening storm,” Ho-chul said at a news conference, adding that state officials were ready to provide rescues.

Erie County, home of Buffalo, has issued a driving ban.

“Drive only for emergency travel permits” County Administrator Mark Polonkers tweeted.added that the ban will be re-evaluated on Friday.

According to the National Weather Service, the heaviest snowfall is expected in the Buffalo area from Thursday night through Friday night, with snow falling at a rate of more than 3 inches per hour.

It started snowing early Friday morning. Western Seneca, the neighboring city of Buffalo, recorded a foot of snow by just after midnight, according to the National Weather Service. Said.

Several major state highways were closed to commercial traffic, including the New York State Thruway, also known as Interstate 90. His NFL game on Sunday between home his teams Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns moved to detroit.

It will snow in Erie, Pennsylvania, on Wednesday.Christopher Millette / Erie Times-News / USA Today Network

Buffalo could see up to 4 feet of snow by Sunday, according to the Bureau of Meteorology. Snow warnings due to lake influence were in effect for the region through Sunday.

The Japan Meteorological Agency said snow from the lake’s impact could “paralyze” and “make travel very difficult or impossible.”

Lake effect snow occurs when Arctic air crosses the relatively calm waters of the Great Lakes.

In addition, thunder can also be heard along with the snow, so it is sometimes called “thunder snow.” Heavy snow, punctuated by thunder and lightning on Thursday, moved into Buffalo and quickly covered the ground and roads, the Associated Press reported.

With the blackout beginning Thursday night and heavy wet snow forecast, more blackouts are expected, Erie County Executive Poloncarz said.

Carbon monoxide can be deadly, so he urged people to use generators safely. Don’t use it indoors or use it in your garage, even with the door open, he said.

Polonkaerts said most people appeared to be off the road on Thursday night and few accidents had been reported.

In November 2014, Buffalo and far west New York were hit. 2 lake effect snow waves totaling over 7 feet in some areas.

13 dead, collapsed roofs, stranded thousands of drivers, weather agency says report.

Temperatures are expected to drop in the US as well, as Arctic blasts are projected to bring the coldest air of the season.

Average temperatures will drop for much of the country on Thursday and will continue into the weekend.

Cold Arctic air masses will bring the first freezes over some metropolitan areas such as Atlanta and Washington DC, while places such as Chicago, New York will bring the season’s first dangerously cold chills.

Marlene Rensang contributed.

https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/paralyzing-lake-effect-snow-event-bring-flurries-midwest-northeast-fiv-rcna57666 Buffalo has declared a state of emergency for up to 4 feet of snow cover.

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