‘Called Inmates by Managers’: DHL Employees Push to Unionize US Hub | US Trade Unions

A former manager of one of DHL’s largest facilities said in a conversation about how to stop union organizing on the ground that fellow managers referred to workers as “inmates” and himself as a prison “jailer”. claims to have called

The revelation comes when DHL is at odds with Teamster over a union election to represent workers in the field.

Ryan Doyen has been with DHL for about five years and has been promoted to manager position as Ramp Lead for the DHL Express Ramp.He said he resigned from his management position at Cincinnati/Northern logistics company SuperHub. kentucky I returned to my hourly job after hearing other managers’ reactions and attitudes towards my co-workers after the movement to organize unions at the international airport (CVG).

“I’ve heard bad things about hourly workers all the time,” says Doyen. “Then one day I overheard a conversation between two of his managers that they needed to take back the hub they called the prison and that they were the ‘jailers’ who took back the prison from the ‘inmates’. I made it At that point, I didn’t want to be part of the management team anymore. Because I couldn’t allow management to stand by and say bad things about people I called friends and colleagues. It didn’t suit me as a human being. “

After the incident, Doyen wrote a letter of resignation from management. He then began talking to the union organizers and became involved in union efforts that he initially did not support.

DHL employs approximately 3,000 people at its CVG Global Hub. 900 workers We are currently trying to unionize with the Teamsters Local 100. DHL and unions are still in dispute over the size and scope of the bargaining unit, and the election date has yet to be determined by the National Labor Relations Board.

DHL Open It was one of the company’s three global super hubs in 2013 and serves as DHL’s main hub in the US, one The world’s largest air cargo airport.

DHL, based in Germany, one of the world’s largest logistics companies.

Through union organizing campaigns, workers submitted Seventeen unfair labor practices charges against DHL allege management harassment, intimidation, surveillance and retaliation for union activities.the team star defendant DHL failed to comply with its Global Declaration on Workers and Human Rights by violating neutrality agreements with trade unions and opposing trade unions.

Teamster already represents about 6,000 of DHL’s 10,000 workers in the U.S., and workers will be able to join the union at the hub, given previous agreements with unions at other sites. Criticized DHL’s response to the movement.

According to Doyen, workers have asked to unionize at DHL for a range of issues, including job security, representation in disciplinary hearings, improved wages and benefits, and opinions on safety issues and working conditions. It is

Doyen described the work as dangerous and grueling, with workers exposed to extreme temperatures in the summer and winter and often without air conditioning or heating inside the cars. He claimed workers had to deal with old or poorly maintained equipment and had to ask management to stop work due to safety concerns over weather conditions such as lightning. bottom.

“We want to have a voice. We don’t have a voice right now,” added Doyen. “Since we applied for the election, they have been delaying it for a long time. We need to stop delaying our votes so we can.”

Steven Fightmaster, who has been the 3rd shift leader at DHL’s domestic ramps for nearly two years, credits the drive to unionization on the ground to that of unionized frontline workers at CVG. claimed to come from different treatment being compared.

“Not only are they treated better, they’re paid much better than we are in the hub,” said Fightmaster.

He said that throughout the union campaign, management and DHL security or contract security harassed workers who supported the union, telling them not to wear union shirts or vests, and harassing others in parking lots. and threatened to call the police on workers talking about unions. effort.

“I am being tracked off the premises by DHL corporate security. It’s a constant harassment and intimidation tactic used by both of its security contractors,” said Fightmaster.

“We, hourly employees, have been called inmates by our managers. The phrase used was that they take back the lamps from the inmates. At work, we don’t have the dignity and respect we deserve and people are sick of it.”

A DHL spokesperson who was asked about the “inmate’s” comments did not directly address the allegations. “At the DHL CVG Hub, treating our employees with the utmost respect is a priority. Prioritize safety and well-being,” they said.

A spokesperson cited higher wages, more paid time off, and the provision of personalized counseling.

“We also provide training and orientation programs for all levels of management to ensure that our core values ​​are integrated into all aspects of our work. We are dedicated to creating a morally healthy work environment,” they added. I am fully committed to all agreements made with my legal labor partners. “

https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2023/apr/03/dhl-workers-inmates-union-airport ‘Called Inmates by Managers’: DHL Employees Push to Unionize US Hub | US Trade Unions

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