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Can PEMF Therapy Help Cancer Patients?

PEMF has several ways of helping patients having cancer. For example, PEMF therapy might be considered as an approach to improve the overall value of already-existing treatment plans for cancer. Some of the benefits regarding cancer treatment improvement include the promotion of healthy cells growth, oxygen circulation, and enhancing the overall quality of breathing. What’s more, PEMF can also provide aid in pain, which is a common complaint in patients with cancer.

PEMF therapy might also come as an alternative for certain treatments, which is because of its property to provide relief against pain. However, there needs to be extensive research that supports the utility of this therapy in cancer patients. Most of the fear that comes with using PEMF therapy for this condition is the fear of uncertainty.

How PEMFs Help Cancer Patients?

PEMFs or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy comes with a significant impact on people having cancer in early or advanced stages. However, the research going on the subject is in its initial stages. A person might not want to go for the therapy due to personal reasons, and this might be an obstacle in the treatment as well. So, one cannot say whether PEMF therapy comes as the best option for the treatment or not. It is an important thing to note whether the approach for the treatment is something the patient is accepting and how it is going to be benefitting for the person on that end.

How is PEMF Safe for Cancer?

There are four characteristics of the PEMF therapy which may help explain the usefulness of this approach:

  1. No Side Effects

PEMF therapy comes with no side effects, as reported through research and clinical experience, and this is especially true for low-intensity ones. The pulsed magnetic fields used in the treatment procedures for a number of different conditions faced by people are low in intensity and don’t produce any adverse effects on the patient using it whatsoever. So, it is stated as a safe treatment to use.

  1. No Invasion in Body

PEMF is definitely non-invasive therapy as there are no IVFs, needles, or any sort of invasive therapy being used in the treatment procedure. The patient undergoing the therapy only has to lie on a mat with PEMF technology which then passes low-intensity magnetic fields on the body. This can even be done without a lab or clinic as it is safe and easy to perform.

  1. No Toxicity

Unlike medications that have their toxicity and safety upper-level limits, PEMF therapy comes with no apparent risk involving toxicity. What’s more, the side effects of chemotherapy, such as hair loss, nausea, and pain, are not at all experienced in PEMF treatment. This is because PEMF doesn’t kill the healthy cells of the cancer patient as chemotherapy does. The side effects and toxicity might negatively influence the immune system, leaving the body quite vulnerable to infectious diseases. On the contrary, PEMF therapy comes with no such ill effect on the body. Rather, there is scientific evidence suggesting the use of PEMF to oxygenate the blood, improve the functionality and production of red blood cells, and even support the recovery of the damaged red blood cells, therefore potentially reversing the damage to the body that has been done by chemotherapy.

Final Word

PEMF generally goes well with certain other cancer treatment types. PEMF might be added to most of the therapies, if not all kinds of therapy cycles. Given the therapy is considered a non-invasive and practically safe option to choose, there is almost no risk of having a negative interaction of another treatment as the patient receives it. Visit healthylineoutlet.com for more details. 


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