Carrying the cross each year reflects the meaning of Easter

Columbus, Ohio (W.C.M.H.) – Good Friday is a day of mourning for Catholics around the world. A walk commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus was held in downtown Columbus on Friday.

Sponsor Dr Holly Peterson said: “This was invented with Father Luigi Giussani in the early 50's and 60's. And the cars will stop,” he said. Hopefully, we are signs and tokens of something beautiful and great, which is Christ who loves us. ”

Starting at St. Joseph's Cathedral, more than 100 people of all ages took part in a “Good Friday Meditation on the Way of the Cross” through scripture and song.

“We have people here from all walks of life, from many different nationalities. The beauty of the Catholic Church is its universality, but it also offers salvation to every man and woman, every race and tribe, every nation and nation. ” said Bishop Earl Fernandez.

The Stations of the Cross take place in the heart of cities where millions of people carry their crosses every day.

Participant Emma Grave said, “As I walk around the city, I think about what it means for Jesus to save me. So being able to pray while walking around the city is a really great experience for me.'' he said. Carrying the cross each year reflects the meaning of Easter

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