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Challenges of siblings with disabilities requiring foster care

Focus on children with disabilities in the adoption process

As siblings in foster care, the fear of being separated can be daunting. But for her two brothers from Ohio, that bond remains intact thanks to a loving family in Jacksonville, Florida.

Despite Dalton’s cerebral palsy and numerous medical challenges, his younger brother Dawson became his devoted caregiver.. They were adopted by Robin Bridges and Stephen Bridges through the nonprofit organization Wendy’s Wonderful Kids, and have become a beacon of disability awareness.

Dawson, now 15, said she is grateful for the support of her parents through all of this while continuing to care for her brother.

“He’s the greatest brother a man could ask for,” he said. “He has an incredible smile and instantly brightens your day. And I’m really happy to have him in my life. That’s all I can say. .I’m just blessed.”

March is National Disability Awareness Month, and Dawson reminds those considering the adoption process that along with all children, especially older children, they are often overlooked when it comes to finding a forever home. Encouraged consideration of children with challenges.

Rita Solonen, President and CEO Dave Thomas Adoption FoundationChildren with disabilities and special needs, regardless of race, age or background, often face long-term stays in foster care or institutions, he said. She emphasized the need to establish a support network for families considering adoption, and said the Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program helps families navigate this journey, regardless of the child’s unique needs. He said it was created to support the

“It is important to establish network access connections, access to the medical and psychological resources needed before the adoption is finalized,” she said. So that they can safely raise their children at home. ”

According to the Dave Thomas Foundation, its Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program has contributed to more than 14,000 successful adoptions in the United States and Canada.

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