Cincinnati barbers are taking advantage of the holidays to provide free haircuts to children with special needs.Ohio

Vernon Jackson works at his barbershop in Cincinnati on his days off. But it’s not because he wants to make as much money as possible. Because it’s the day he set aside to provide free haircuts to children with special needs.

The kindness Jackson offers at his Noble Barber and Beauty shop CBS news this week. Jackson said he’s starting a haircut for his program Gifted in 2021. [children]]at other shops.

Academic studies report that the lack of patience of parents struggling to purchase haircuts for their children with special needs presents them with a real dilemma. increase. the study showed what people usually feel more confident And manage with excellent fresh haircuts in both social and professional settings.

So Jackson decided to sacrifice his days off to open a store just for special-needs kids who wanted a proper cut, he said. Tell your parents that the money for the day is useless.

“There [are] There are no other barbers or stylists in the store, and I [can] Give them the full attention they need,” he said in a CBS News report published Monday.

Jackson found that at least some of his holiday clients, who were sensitive to unfamiliar surroundings and sounds, found the empty shop comfortable. It’s about getting them acclimatized to the store so that they eventually feel comfortable going for a haircut when there are other patrons around.

Friends and other benefactors sponsor Jackson’s off-day haircuts through donations to online communities. GoFundMe Campaignaccording to what he told CBS.

Parents of gifted programs “will pay any amount of money just to ensure that their child has the same experience as everyone else,” he told the network. “And finally I can tell them ‘I’m covered.'”

Those parents often try to tip Jackson, but he tells them: “No, trust me… this is a gift from the community, myself – take it.”

Instagram users flood Jackson’s account platform Every time I post a video of myself cutting the hair of a gifted program client, I give them encouragement and compliments.

“I cried tears of joy,” wrote one user, commenting on a video showing Jackson lining up boys for the gifted program in March. “You are doing really great.”

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Another person added: “It takes a special person to do what you do.”

Jackson said his parents traveled from another city Ohio In order to use the services of the gifted program, he received messages from overseas countries such as Denmark, Australia, UK and Uganda. He hopes to eventually raise enough money to allow the program to travel to other parts of the United States and provide haircuts to children with special needs there.

According to CBS, Jackson said of starting the gifted program, “It’s been a really great experience.” .”

https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2023/apr/13/cincinnati-free-haircut-children-special-needs Cincinnati barbers are taking advantage of the holidays to provide free haircuts to children with special needs.Ohio

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