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Fort Wayne, Indiana (WOWO): Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry said the city will release body camera footage of the OWI arrests on October 8.

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The mayor issued a statement Friday in Civic Square, responding to the opinion of Indiana Public Access Counselors, saying the city violated the Access to Public Records Act by failing to release body camera footage and incident reports. I was.

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Below is the full text of the mayor’s statement.

good morning. Thank you for joining us today.

The night of October 8, 2022 was definitely one of the most difficult nights of my life.

Since that time, much has been written and said about the release of camera footage worn by police officers. Our position was that the demands made did not justify their disclosure.

Recently, however, that longstanding position has been challenged. I have asked the City Attorney General’s Office not to contest this appeal. Because I don’t want city officials’ time or taxpayers’ money to be wasted on issues related to my misjudgment.

After reviewing the issues and the law, the Public Access Counselor did, in fact, advise the City to release the body-worn camera footage. I believe there is. Therefore, the city has released body-worn camera footage of my incident on October 8.

To conclude this meeting, I would like to offer some final thoughts.

First of all, I would like to once again commend the officers of the Fort Wayne Police Department for handling my situation with professionalism and grace. I am the mayor of this city, but I am no better than any other citizen. Each officer did exactly what they needed to do that night by holding me accountable for my actions.

I make no excuses. I apologized to my family, staff and citizens. And I take full responsibility for my actions.

I am perplexed by the video footage you will see. There is a moment that I believe is under the mayor’s office – there is some profanity. An out of place order given to care for her wife and her health. the obvious discomfort of handcuffs; and the general anxiety of being put in a prison cell. But you can also see that I am submissive and respectful of police officers in general.

This community holds the mayor’s office to a high level of responsibility. And I place myself on an even higher level than a citizen. I didn’t meet those criteria that night.

Regardless of what is written or spoken about that night, I will continue to give all I have to this great city because there is no greater criticism than I give myself.

Thank you; God bless; God bless the city of Fort Wayne.

https://www.wowo.com/city-of-fort-wayne-to-release-body-cam-footage-of-mayor-henrys-owi-arrest/ City of Fort Wayne Releases Body Cam of Mayor Henry’s OWI Arrest – WOWO 1190 AM

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