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Cleveland Guardians wear marathon patch on jersey

Cleveland — Cleveland Guardian announced Friday a new patch deal with Ohio-based Marathon Petroleum Corporation (MPC) that runs through 2026.

Teams will begin wearing the logo on their jerseys from July 3 until the end of the 2026 season, the organization said.

“We look forward to expanding our relationship with Marathon as our first Jersey Patch partner,” said Brian Bullen, president of business for the Cleveland Guardians. “When we started looking for partners to wear our jerseys, there was an Ohio-based brand that had fan recognition and been part of the Northeast Ohio community for longer, if not longer than us. The Marathon meets all of these requirements and has established roots in Ohio dating back to 1887. We look forward to working with our community and fans for years to come. We look forward to working together.”

The partnership will feature the Marathon logo on the first base side of Progressive Field, as well as two fan gift jerseys for the 2024-2026 season.

The Guardians became the 12th MLB team to have a jersey patch, joining the following teams:

Bryan Party, senior vice president of global clean products at Marathon, said: “With its Ohio roots and being just over a decade away, we thought it would be a good fit to be the first jersey patch sponsor of the Cleveland Guardians. There are,” he said. “While we can both be proud of our past, it is the future that we are most excited about, including this partnership. Beyond is an avid fan of this famous ball club.”

Details from WKYC…

https://www.wkyc.com/article/sports/mlb/cleveland-guardians/cleveland-guardians-patch-deal-marathon-thru-2026/95-1885aaf1-7aba-445d-a342-8d152445a283 Cleveland Guardians wear marathon patch on jersey

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