Columbia University calls for investigation into leadership as student protests sweep 40 campuses | Protest

At least 40 pro-Palestinian protest camps have formed across U.S. campuses, following Columbia University's example earlier this month. new york The school's Senate has called for an investigation into the school's leadership, The New York Times reported.

Many have been peaceful but still provocative, calling for a ceasefire in Gaza and institutional divestment from companies with ties to Gaza. Israelhundreds of students and outside protesters were arrested, and violent clashes with police also broke out.

At least 100 more students were arrested overnight through Friday, most at Emerson College. bostonwhile 20 people were taken into custody at Ohio State University.

At Columbia University, a proposal to censure President Minoush Shafiq failed, but a resolution calling for an investigation was passed 62-14 on Friday, according to the New York Times.Shafik has been under scrutiny for some time. last week's decision The New York Police Department was called to campus and authorized to clear the encampment, resulting in the arrest of more than 100 student protesters.

Columbia University student protesters said after meetings Thursday and Friday that the university has made progress in pushing for more transparent financial disclosure but has not met their main demand for divestment. Stated.

“We will not rest until Columbia sells,” said Jonathan Ben Menachem, a fourth-year doctoral student.

Meanwhile, at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, police allegedly used Thursday's escalation, including the use of rubber bullets and tear gas against protesters, led to the arrest of philosophy department head Noel McAfee.She posted this before her arrest video It shows Atlanta police entering the encampment.

“I came to see if the university president had called APD and he did,” she posted. “I then witnessed a young person being severely beaten by police officers. After asking them to stop and refusing to leave, I was arrested.”

Professor of economics at Emory University Caroline Fallin was detained by police.. Authorities dragged Fallin to the ground and handcuffed him as he yelled, “What are you doing?” to a police officer making another arrest.

In Columbus, Ohio video State troopers are shown clashing with protesters gathered on campus Thursday night. University spokesman Benjamin Johnson said police ordered protesters to leave and those who refused were arrested and charged with trespassing, citing regulations prohibiting nighttime events.

Students for Justice in Palestine, a student-led group at Ohio State University, warned At a demonstration Thursday that drew hundreds of students, protesters warned of the risk of arrest. This was reported by the university's student newspaper, Lantern. Approximately 30 protesters were arrested All night.

“OSU should be ashamed. They will not silence us,” said state representative Munira Yassin Abdullahi. Instagram post.

Around 10pm on Thursday, police with shields approached the crowd of about 250 people. student The Lantern newspaper said protesters formed a protective ring around the encampment before authorities led them away in arrest vans. The crowd waved flags and chanted “Let's pray!”

Police crack down on pro-Palestinian protesters at Ohio State University – Video report

On Tuesday, two Ohio State University students were arrested during separate on-campus protests. One of the protesters who was arrested was not affiliated with the university, according to . columbus contingent.

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Meanwhile, police forcibly cleared a tent encampment at Emerson College in Boston and reported that officers arrested 108 people. berkeley beacon Student newspaper.Video shown police beat demonstrators He then drags the students to the ground.

The number of campus protest camps has increased to more than 40 across the country, according to NBC's Today report Friday morning.

Emerson College on Sunday expressed support for student arrests at Columbia University, the campus at the center of student-led protests, and rallied encampments to demand a ceasefire at Columbia University. Gaza.

The protesters were arrested for disturbing the peace, the Berkeley Beacon reported, but it was not immediately clear how many of the 108 people arrested were Emerson College students.

Ohio State University and Emerson College were just some of the college campuses where arrests were made Thursday amid a wave of protests in solidarity with Palestine, with protesters following the example of Columbia University in New York City. Last week, they started setting up a protest tent in the middle of campus. . After the university's president called on New York police to clear the camp, an uproar erupted from both pro- and anti-protest voices, leading to arrests and the emergence of new camps.

Since then, encampments in solidarity with Colombia have sprung up. northwestern university Located in Cook County, Illinois. Cornell University Ithaca, New York. george washington university In Washington DC. princeton university in New Jersey.of City University of New York; and Harvard University Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

student of morehouse college Students in Georgia were also detained on Thursday, and there were violent confrontations and arrests at the University of Southern California and the University of Texas at Austin on Wednesday.

University of Southern California cancel The major graduation ceremony was a blow to students who began earning their degrees during a long period of isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic, and marches and protest camps broke out. also occurred at the University of California, Berkeley and the University of California, Humboldt in Northern California.

Tensions also rose at the University of California, Los Angeles, where pro-Israel counterprotesters and pro-Palestinian groups were present. screamed at each other At the school camp.

https://www.theguardian.com/world/2024/apr/26/pro-palestinian-protests-college-campuses Columbia University calls for investigation into leadership as student protests sweep 40 campuses | Protest

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