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Columbus Police Department Shares Results of 8th Annual “Operation United”

Our latest collaboration focuses on Linden, Wineland Park, Old North Columbus, Clintonville and the University District area.

Columbus, Ohio — Columbus Police Department The eighth “Operation Unity” crime blitz has arrested dozens and seized more drugs and guns.

The latest joint effort by law enforcement and social services to work together to combat crime is focused on some areas of north-central Columbus.

This included Linden, Wineland Park, Old North Columbus, Clintonville, and the University District.

The crime blitzkrieg involved patrol officers, criminal intelligence units, leading criminal investigators, SWAT, drug crime units, traffic operations units, and other local and statewide partners.

These agencies issued search warrants, targeted violent criminals, recovered firearms, and seized illegal drugs.

Here are the results from this year’s Operation Unity:

  • 17 felony arrests
  • 39 total arrest
  • 8 vehicles seized
  • Recovered 5 stolen vehicles
  • Collected 11 illegal guns
  • 6 Service of search warrant
  • 22 grams of cocaine seized
  • 139 grams of fentanyl seized
  • 2.6 grams of heroin seized
  • 50 grams of marijuana seized
  • 141 Road closed
    • 98 citations issued
    • 5 Unlicensed driving
    • 6 Operating the vehicle under influence

The “Operation Unity” crackdown began in 2021 with multiple law enforcement agencies in Franklin County working together with the goal of stopping as many crimes as possible.

Each operation focused on a specific area in the Columbus and Franklin counties and a specific goal, from arresting felons on warrants to retrieving illegal firearms and narcotics.


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https://www.10tv.com/article/news/crime/columbus-police-share-results-of-eighth-operation-unity/530-809b370c-205c-416d-a12d-ae255c573c01 Columbus Police Department Shares Results of 8th Annual “Operation United”

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