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Columbus popsicle shop donates sales for family on Maui

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The heartbreak after the devastating fires on the Hawaiian island of Maui is being felt by central Ohioans and those with ties to Columbus.

On the menu at J-Pops, a local popsicle company, is a flavored called Maui Fruit Stand. It’s inspired by visits Steven White, the company’s owner, has taken to the island. The flavor has been around for several months. Now, the name Lisa has been put in front of it making it, “Lisa’s Maui Fruit Stand.”

“To see what is happening to not just her but to the people, it’s like what can we do to help out. Especially when something hits home like that,” White said.

Lisa is the sister of one of White’s best friends. She and her kids live in Lahaina, the town most affected by the fires on Maui. White said they lost their home and just about everything they had.

All the sales of the “Lisa’s Fruit Stand” flavor will go toward her family.

“We wanted a way to help out, when you see these images of what has happened, it’s like, what can I do,” White said.

J-Pops was at Franklinton Fridays this week. They will also be at the Clintonville and Worthington Farmers Market on Saturday. The fundraiser will at least go through the weekend, according to White.

Help is also coming from people with Columbus connections who are on Maui.

“It looks like a war zone to me, if I had to imagine what it would look like right after somebody went in and bombed it, it just doesn’t seem real,” said Katie Cook, an Ohio State alumna who’s lived on Maui for 20 years. “It’s crazy, we’re all in shock and disbelief, just can’t believe it.”

Where she lives is OK, but she has spent a lot of time in Lahaina.

“So much history there. And it’s just sad. Friends’ restaurant burned down. We have a business, and we used to sell to at least four stores that are gone now,” she said.

Cook volunteered on Thursday and got diapers, blankets, clothing and other supplies for those now in need.

“We’re a great community and we’re going to support Maui and help each other. We’re one big family out here, one big ohana,” she said.

https://www.nbc4i.com/news/local-news/columbus/local-popsicle-company-donating-sales-to-help-family-on-maui/ Columbus popsicle shop donates sales for family on Maui

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