Columbus Zoo mourns death of 33-year-old Shaman Olga

Olga passed away on November 2 after the zoo announced that her health had deteriorated significantly and rapidly.

Columbus, Ohio — The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium mourns the passing of 33-year-old Shaman Olga.

she Passed away on November 2 After the zoo said her health had deteriorated significantly and rapidly.

According to the zoo, Olga had recently had a reduced appetite and activity level.

The animal health team sedated her for advanced imaging (CT) and diagnostic sampling and provided supportive care.

A CT scan revealed some problems with her liver. The zoo said she had not responded to her supportive care.

On Halloween, Olga is given a second dose of sedatives and a sample of the worrisome part of her liver is taken, revealing an abscess. It is usually a painful collection of pus caused by a bacterial infection.

Despite treatment, Olga’s health continued to deteriorate. Shaman then humanely euthanized her.

Olga was born on July 14, 1989 at the Gibbon Conservation Center in Santa Clarita, California. She spent several years on safari in Lion County, where she gave birth to three children.

Olga then arrived at the Columbus Zoo in February 2004. After she arrived she gave birth to three male children, Opie, Sensei and Tamarack.

Olga will be remembered for being strong-willed and for letting you know right away what she wanted. I explained that I was a mother.

“Olga was a rock star in training and a great role model for her family,” the zoo said.

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https://www.10tv.com/article/life/animals/columbus-zoo-mourns-loss-of-33-year-old-siamang-olga/530-1625ef45-9ed0-4910-ba40-3e6964d2bf4d Columbus Zoo mourns death of 33-year-old Shaman Olga

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