Community rally to remember Dollar Tree employees killed in attack

Authorities said 22-year-old Keris Riebel was attacked with a machete by 27-year-old Bethel Bekele on January 2.

Upper Sandusky, Ohio — Young Woman’s Family and Friends Killed while she was working at the Dollar Tree store in Upper Sandusky. I’m trying to make sense of what happened while keeping her memories alive.

Authorities said 22-year-old Keris Riebel died on January 2 after being macheted by 27-year-old Bethel Bekele.

Brenda Sand created a Facebook group, Kind like Keris, with over 2,000 members sharing her smile and spirit story with the world.

Sand also set up a memorial site for Kerris in a Nevada park and a fundraiser for scholarships at a local high school where Kerris was a cheerleader.

“My heart was breaking for them, so I knew I had to do something to help,” Sand said.

She explains that they could break ground on the memorial in March and it would take only a few weeks to complete.

“The whole goal is for Kelis’ family, friends, and anyone who really wants to come here and just sit and think and ponder and share stories and pray.

Kelis’ aunt, Ashley Grinick, said her niece’s main mission was to spread the love of God.

“She loved the Lord very much. She was very honorable. I mean, everyone looked up to her,” she said. “Even in high school, she would go out in her hallway with a Bible every day.”

Grinick said Kelis had been reading the Bible for more than 1,400 days. The family says it’s their faith that keeps them going when Kelis leaves his extended family behind.

“We just do our best to spread her message, because that’s what Kelis does,” Greenick said.

Greenick explains that Keris ran into all types of personalities in retail.

“She just smiled and said, ‘You don’t know what they’re going through right now. They might just be having a bad day,'” Greenick said. It was her true feelings. She must have gone home and wished them a better day.”

She says it was Kelis’ bright light that drew everyone to her.

A lot of people said, ‘You know she did this for me, she did more than that,'” Grinick says. It was really hard to find pictures of Kelis because I was attracted and wanted to be with her.”

Makena Allen says he grew up with Kelis, cheered with her, and was inspired by her strong faith.

“I’ve only been here for a short while, so this definitely made me take a step back and evaluate my life,” Allen said. “Kerith’s life was taken too soon, but she lived a good life, loved others, loved them like Jesus.”

There will be another fundraiser in her honor on February 11th. You can sign up here.

Bekele pleaded not guilty to all six charges, including two counts of aggravated murder, on grounds of insanity.


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