Community Reacts as Columbus Leaders Resume $2M Summer Safety Program

Columbus, Ohio (WCMH) — the Columbus community has since responded. City leaders announced on Thursday that they would resume Operation Moonlight. To combat summer violence and crime.

Mayor Andrew Ginther and First Deputy Commissioner of Police LaShannah Potts announced the continuation of the program at a press conference on Thursday. The operation was first launched last year.

“Several children were involved in car thefts. A 12-year-old got behind the wheel, injuring several first responders. Several guns were seized from the teens. It was done,” Ginther said. “Parents need you guys Need people stepping up here Young girl shot I believe South Franklinton It was 4 in the morning What are we doing here Parents in this community need to do their part.”

Several teens who spoke with NBC4 on Thursday said they believe more police presence is a good thing.

“Honestly, a lot. I hate being at home. I’d rather go out, stay at home and be active, watch TV, play games,” says Issa Hussain. said.

“I have been out here for a long time, so I know the area very well and I know a lot of people,” Hussain added. “So to be honest, I always feel safe. You will feel safer.”

Joshua Martin, 17, said he loves coming to Dodge Park and hitting the hoops. He said he felt safe most of the time, except “sometimes when I’m here alone at night for a bit”.

Martin believes a stronger police presence will have a positive effect.

“I feel good because I think there will be more police officers to keep people safe,” he said.

Another local teen who bikes to work said he would love to see more police action this summer. He recalls a terrifying moment on his way home from work.

“Sometimes you’ll hear fireworks and gunshots as you drive past, especially after work around 10pm. It’s okay, it’s time to go home. Sullivant. Let me sit on the floor with you, and I know there is some camera footage of me passing by.”

Asked if he would feel safer with more police, he didn’t hesitate to say, “Yes.”

https://www.nbc4i.com/news/local-news/columbus/community-reacts-as-columbus-leaders-relaunch-2-million-summer-safety-programs/ Community Reacts as Columbus Leaders Resume $2M Summer Safety Program

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