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Could the U.S. Space Force base test missions in Ohio?

Columbus, Ohio (W.C.M.H.) — A bipartisan group of leading Ohio lawmakers is calling on the U.S. Space Command to select the state as the headquarters for a test mission to evaluate the capabilities of Space Force squadrons.

The letter, signed by U.S. Sens. Sherrod Brown, J.D. Lawmakers say the proposed Space Force mission should be based in Sandusky. said the Department of Defense.

“Ohio is a space nation,” the letter states, and is also signed by Representatives Joyce Beatty (D-Columbus) and Warren Davidson (R-Troy). “Our state is essential to the history of flight, and thanks to our manufacturing capabilities, federal assets, world-class research institutions, and skilled workforce, the future of aviation and space innovation will happen in Ohio.”

Delta 12 is dedicated to remaining on the cutting edge of combat space system advancements, and its squadron relies on access to operationally realistic environments. Lawmakers said Armstrong’s facility could provide Delta 12 with the ability to conduct hypersonic tests, space propulsion tests and electric aircraft tests.

In addition, NASA’s Glenn Research Center, home to Sandusky’s Armstrong Facility, is home to the world’s largest and most powerful space environment simulation facility. Locating Delta 12 in Ohio will also allow the mission to collaborate with the National Space Intelligence Center, the Department of Defense’s primary source of space intelligence, headquartered in Dayton.

quoted in the letter CHIPS and scientific lawa multibillion-dollar package offering $52 billion in incentives and tax credits. Semiconductor chip manufacturers such as Intellawmakers argue, is fueling Ohio’s high-tech manufacturing boom.

“Ohio’s engineers and scientists are skilled, educated, and committed to advancing the frontiers of innovation,” the letter said. “The proximity of military and federal space-related missions in Ohio represents a unique opportunity to accelerate and grow our nation’s capabilities.”

The initiative began after state politicians launched President Biden’s campaign to select Ohio as the next home for the U.S. Space Force has failed. Last June, the Ohio House of Representatives passed a resolution asking the federal government to select Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton for the new Space Command.

Brown took to the Senate floor in early June to call for the Space Force to be moved to Ohio. The Ohio Mayors Alliance, a bipartisan group made up of mayors from the state’s 30 largest cities, expressed support for relocating the Space Force to Ohio in a letter to Biden and Air Force leaders.

“Dayton and Southwest Ohio’s cities, like the rest of the state, are ready to invest in education, housing, jobs for Space Force families, and all related suppliers and services. We are happy to invest,” the letter states. read.

Ultimately, Ohio did not make it onto the list of candidates for Space Command, which included other “reasonable alternatives” such as Albuquerque, New Mexico. Cape Canaveral, Florida. and San Antonio, Texas. Biden announced in late July that the company’s headquarters would remain in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where it was already based.

This November, the state Legislature moved forward. Bill to include Space Force in Ohio’s legal military definition, which lawmakers say is necessary for service members and veterans to receive military benefits. The bill’s lead sponsor, Sen. Christina Rogner (R-Hudson), offered assurances that Space Force members would be entitled to the same benefits and protections as members of other branches of the military until the bill becomes law. He said no.

Rogner said nearly 15,000 Americans serve within the Space Force, including members of Space Delta 18 at the National Space Information Center in Ohio. The bill passed the Senate and awaits a committee hearing in the House.

https://www.wkbn.com/news/ohio/could-us-space-force-base-a-testing-mission-in-ohio/ Could the U.S. Space Force base test missions in Ohio?

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