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Defiance County Court November 3, 2022 | News

Defiance County

Marriage License—

Christopher Friedhoff, 41, Defiance, Truck Driver Casey Fogelson, 40, Defiance, Retail Clerk.

Travis Weible, 39, Defiance, Worker Carissa Lopez, 35, Defiance, Worker.

Andrew Coy, 45, Hicksville, Machinist, Elisa Kapp, Hicksville, Compliance Manager.

Wilhem Weissheimer, 24, Adrian, Michigan, student Abigail Lenhart, 23, Adrian, Michigan, hairdresser.

Matthew Brohm, 19, Toledo, warehouse, Alexis Blanchard, 19, Defiance, unemployed.

Spencer Gardner, 23, Defiance, Hallieann Hale, 22, Defiance, LPN.

Common request—

in the minutes—

Nationstar Mortgage, LLC, Coppell, Texas vs. Lawrence Steele, 100 Lakeview Drive. Lawrence Steele’s unknown spouse, 100 Lakeview Drive. Ohio Department of Taxation, Columbus. Foreclosure.

Keith Brannon, 1120 Ayersville Ave., v. Alyssa Brannon, 1120 Ayersville Ave. Divorce.

Discover Bank, New Albany, v. Kimberly Wieland, 1008 Latty St. Money Judgment.

James Ripke, Address Unknown vs. Amy Shaffer, Address Unknown. civil protection order.

Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC, Norfolk, VA, v. Autumn Tyler, 1124 Ayersville Ave. Money Judgment.

Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC, Norfolk, Va. vs. Julia Snyder, 20399 Defiance-Paulding County Line Road. money judgment.


Rebecca Kirkland, Address Unknown vs. Mario Zaragoza, Address Unknown. Protection order ended.

Discover Bank, New Albany, vs. Clara Seedorf, 508 Harrison Ave. Lawsuit dismissed with prejudice.

Kayla Keber, Address Unknown vs. Matthew Keber, Address Unknown. Protection Order Ended.

Linda Wineland, Hicksville, vs. Jason Burkhart, 616 Downs St. Lawsuit dismissed with prejudice.

Jorge Aguilar, 604 Sierra Way, vs Janet Werline, 1683 Mystic Cove Court. fired for prejudice.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB, Garden City, NY, vs. William Goodlive, 20 Lakeview Drive; unknown spouse of William Goodlive, 20 Lakeview Drive; TOWD Point Master Funding, New York, NY; and Defiance County Treasurer. The lawsuit was dismissed without prejudice.

James Westrick, 763 Village Lane, vs. Amy Howerton-Westrick, 1583 S. Jackson Ave. Divorce granted.

K&P Medical Transport, Ltd., 24862 Elliott Road, vs. Defiance SNF, LLC, Cincinnati; Defiance SNF, LLC member John Doe’s address is unknown. John Doe II Member of Bryan SNF, LLC, Address unknown, Bryan SNF, LLC, Cincinnati. The lawsuit was dismissed without prejudice.

Letisia Velasquez, Bryan vs. John’s Towing and Repair Service, Bryan. John Weaver, Brian. Brian, the unknown driver of the car. The lawsuit was dismissed without prejudice.

Progressive Direct Insurance Co., Los Angeles, CA vs. Sharonda Willis, 1391 Ayersville, Ave.; Megan Flint, 1722 Alpha Lane. judgment of the plaintiff.

Austin Davila, 321 W. Sherwood Drive, vs. Chris Taylor, 500 Court St.; Dennis Sullivan, striker. The case has been dismissed.

Shelby Mrtinez, 1640 Fairlawn St. vs. Charles Martinez, 904 North Lane St. Rejected without prejudice.

Debra Mohr, 787 Deerwood Drive, vs. Leonard Mohr, Adrian, Mich. Dismissed because no charges were filed.

Carolyn Jimenez, 1012 Ratti Cent vs. Oscar Jimenez, Wartheon. Marriage dissolved.

Margarita Vazquez, Address unknown, vs. Angel Rivera, Pontiac Drive 471. The case has been dismissed.

Real Estate Transfer—

Adams Township —

Joint Trustees from Donal and Kathleen Higbea to Donal and Kathleen Higbea, Sec. 19, 2.988 Acres.

Anna Steffle to Marc and Patricia Sawyer, Sec. 33, 5 Acres (split), 5.626 (post-split combo).

Defiance Word 1 —

James Ryan to Lindsey Eubank, South Defiance Add., Lot 193.

Michael Paschall, Trustee, Wyatt Shawver, lot between Maumee and Aglaize, lot 67.

Defiance Ward 2 —

Greg Nanson, Trustee, William and Patricia Sig, May et al., Lot 9-10.

Emilie Lenhart to Marc Warncke, WC Holgate’s First Add., Partrot Holgate’s Reserve.

Defiance Word 3 —

Darrell McNeely to Norma Bevins et al., North Defiance Add., lot 29.

Defiance Township —

From Susan and Mark Soukup to Nicholas and Carrie Engel. 2, 6.598 acres.

Delaware Township —

William and Brenda Cobb to Almmen Hurtig et al., Sec. 14, 4.037 acres.

Garnet Smith to Mickey Schwarzbeck Estate, Sec. 30, 2.603 Acres (Split).

Sherwood Village —

Catelyn Fix to Steven and Ashley Ledbetter, Auditor’s Plat, parts lot 68.

Farmer Township —

VDM Investments, LLC, to Shelle Corwin, et al, Farmer Center, part lot 5-6.

Hicksville Village —

From Jason and Amy Schooley to Ranch Karacson, LLC, Auditor’s Plat, part lot 127.

Jeffrey Cover, et al, to Conner Railing, et al, Shady Lawn Sub., lot 1, Auditor’s Plat, part lot 173.

Conner Railing, et al, to Conner Railing, Shady Lawn Sub., lot 1, Auditor’s Plat part lot 174.

Wayne and Martha Sweet to Mario Blancas and Patricia Juarez, Auditor’s Plat, part lot 149.

From James Handy to Eduardo Arellanes, et al., Original Plat, Part Lot, 195-198.

Hicksville Township —

Michael and Laura Kline to Michelle Smalley (Greenwood Allotment, Sec. 11, Lot 4.

From the Mildred Scranton Estate to Defiance College, Sec. 14, 77.748 acres.

Kevin and Kalli Countryman, Sec. 14, 77.748 acres from Defiance College.

Sharon Applegate to Applegate-Amaden Farms, Inc., Sec. 30, 50.563 Acres.

Highland Township —

Audrey Johnson-Romaker, Trustee, Shawn Johnson et al., Sec. 24, 2 Acres.

Doug and Shawn Schwab from Flatland Real Estate, LLC, Sec. 27, 5 acres.

Milford Twp.-Edgerton LSD —

Steven Buchs, et al. to David and Cheri Vollmer, Sec. 1, 5.888 acres.

Noble Township Defiance City NELSD —

Susan Small to Michael Small, Valley Creek Sub. Phase I, Lot 66.

Noble Township NELSD —

John Mack State to Barbara Mack State, Brunnersburg, Lot 72.

Mahtab Ahmed and Jennifer Schwietzer to Cory and Tia Carnahan, Sec. 21, 5.109 acres.

Defiance City-Ayersville LSD —

From Aaron Burgay to Destiny Leonard, Engelwood’s third addition, Lot 21.

Defiance City —

Eric Zhang and Cai Yu Feng to Erin and William Nguyen, Kettenring Hills Second Add., Lot 23.

North Richland Township —

Matthew and Stephanie Helmke to Ashton Helmke and others, Sec. 1, 60 acres, 70.536 acres, sec. 11, 60 acres.

https://www.crescent-news.com/news/defiance-county-courthouse-nov-3-2022/article_93cd55b2-59f3-11ed-91f4-bf9e75b474bb.html Defiance County Court November 3, 2022 | News

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