Defiance County Courthouse: November 17, 2022 | News

Marriage License—

Jonathan Fitch, 30, Ney, forklift driver; Heather Tressler, 30, Ney, medical assistant.

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in the minutes—

Highland Center Electic, LLC, 27622 Hoffman Road, vs. Nella Constructors, New Market, Tennessee, Management.

Elissa Baerlin, 1005 Jefferson Ave. vs. Cody Baerlin, Bryan. Dissolution of Marriage.

Teresa Bryant, 524 Defiance Crossing vs. Steve Bryant, Defiance. divorce.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB as Trustee of Stanwich Mortgage Loan Trust, Anaheim, Calif., vs. Milagro Gonzalez, 1034 Ottawa Ave., the Unknown Spouse, of Milagro Gonzalez, 1034 Ottawa Ave., Treasures of Defiance County, whose address is You can not use it. Foreclosure.

Beck Bros., Inc. Ridgeville Corners, vs. Charles Beck, 2466 Harper Road, David Beck, Napoleon, Charles Beck, 04205 Adams Ridge Road. Money Judgment.

Sabrina Ashbaugh, 06909 Ohio Ohio 66, TG a minor, Sabrina Ashbaugh, his mother, vs. Elizabeth Fischbach, 629 Village Lane. Money Judgment.


Jared Cline, 925 Wilhelm St., vs. Jamie Cline, Antwerp. Divorce granted.

Rebecca Mack, 2233 Riviera Road vs. Kenneth Mack, Holgate. The lawsuit was dismissed without prejudice.

Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC, Norfolk, Virginia, vs. Randy Miller, 14428 Singer Road. He was dismissed because no charges were filed.

ProMedica Health Systems, Inc., Toledo, v. Justin Stratton, Sherwood. A default judgment was entered.

Application from Relief from Weapon Disability, address available, vs. Jeffrey Walter, 742 Corwin St. This allows restoration of all firearms citizenship.

Defiance County Treasurer vs. Kenneth and Jerilyn Leroux, 200 Corwin St., Clemens, Korhn, Liming and Warncke, Ltd., 419 Fifth St.; it was done.

ProMedica Health Systems, Inc., Toledo, v. Jodey Thomas, 29754 Ayersville. A default judgment was entered.

Crosscountry Mortgage, LLC, Lake Zurich Il. v. Gregory King, Mark Center; Unknown spouse of Gregory King, Mark Center. and Defiance County Treasurer. A default judgment was entered.

Robbery Sigman, Hicksville, Susan Sigman, Brian. Marriage dissolved.

Laura Speidel, 28596 Bowman Road and Anthony Speidel, 28596 Bowman Road. Marriage dissolved.

Sandra Combs, Edgerton, vs. William Combs, Angola, Indiana. Lawsuit dismissed.

Melissa Henry, 26381 Arena Ave., vs. Karen Caris, 894 Sunday St.; Defiance County Treasurer. Huntington National Bank, 405 Third Street. and City of Defiance, 631 Perry St. Fired without prejudice.

Real Estate Transfer—

Adams Township —

Gregory Bostelmann to Rodney and Jeri Bostelmann, Sec. 13, 5.427 Acres.

Defiance Word 3 —

Daniel and Elizabeth March to Dennis Davenport, Clipper Add., Lot 9.

Ward of Defiance 4 —

Kevin Boulis to Krystle Phillips, Booth and Aldrich Add., part lot 12.

Donald Osborn (December) to Becky Roehrs, CE Bronson’s Add., lot 82.

Erasmo Elias (December) to Melissa Elias, Enterprise Add., Block I, lot 40.

From Timothy and Emily Fuller to James McGuire, Ottawa Terrace, Lot 33.

Carl Garland (dec.) to Kathleen Garland, et al, S&S Ranchland Heights Third Revised Sub.

Defiance Township —

From Chris Steiner, Successor Trustee of the Barbara Gilliam Living Trust, to John and Carrie Mitchell, Webb’s River View Add., Lot 12.

Joseph Graber et al., Kenkal Investments, Sec. 32, 26.297 Acres.

Sherwood Village —

Sharon Kline to Jared Berry, Miller and Others Add., Lot 11, Part 12.

Hicksville village —

Jewell Grain Company to Calcin Worden Estate, Edgerton 2nd Add., Parcels 39-40.

Highland Township —

Cheyenne Smith to Joyce Greenhagen, Slusser’s Homes Second Add., lots 1-2.

Okie Davis to David Nam, Sec. 7, 0.516 acres.

Mark Township —

Karie Ryan to Adam and Julie VanArsdalen, Sec. 13, 1.418 acres.

Mary Ashley (dec.) to Jeffrey Irving, et al, Sec. 16, 157.42 acres.

From Dennis Lake (December) to Ann Lake. 31, 96.04 acres.

Milford Twp.-Edgerton LSD —

Carolyn Riehle, Deputy Director, Benjamin and Emilee Riehle, Sec. 15, 1.372 Acres (Split/Combo).

Benjamin and Emilee Riehle to Zachary Howald et al, Sec. 15, 2.872 acres (moving after combo).

Defiance City-Noble Twp.

Thomas and Connie Mahany to Adam and Jamie Brown, Wooded Acres, Phase 2, Lot 8.

Lois Oberhaus (dec.) to Thomas Oberhaus, et al, Riverdale Heights Add.

Noble Twp.-Defiance NELSD —

From Carroll Price (Life Estate) to St. Paul’s United Methodist Church. 12, 1 acre.

Jay Hornish to JCH Land Company, LLC, Sec. 12, 90.808 Acres.

Noble Township —

Keller Development Group, LLC to Keller Industrial Holdings, LLC, Sec. 13, 14.693 acres.

Barbara Acomb to Luke and Amantha Nicley, Brunersburg, lots 11-12.

Caleb Groeneweg to Jason Vance et al., Engelwood’s third addition, Lot 44.

North Richland Township —

Timothy and Jennifer Wagner from Cole Ward, Sec. 9, 1.73 acres.

Stephen Billing and Melissa Billing from Independence United Methodist Church, Orchard Ridge Add., Lot 16.

South Richland Township —

David and Carla Wilhelm to Mark and Tyrrell, Sec. 25, 0.0261 acres.

Defiance-Ayersville ALSD-Annex —

From Napoleon Wash-N-Fill, Inc. Jonathan and Gertrude Hahn, Sec. 30, added Sanders-Snyder.

Tiffin Township —

From Janice Lloyd to Lara Clemens, Sec. 12, 8.897 Acres (Split).

Sec. 18, 2.5 acres, including Barbara Brown (December) to Cindy Freshour.

From Cindy Freshour, Diane Pickering, Sec. 18, 2.5 are.

Washington Township —

Mason Hausch to Derek Hess, Sec. 21, 1.127 acres.

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