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Defiance County Courthouse: November 23, 2022 | News

Marriage License—

Kenneth Louchs, 52, Hicksville, Disabled, and Tannie Rothgeb, 53, Hicksville, Disabled.

Colin Crick, 28, Defiance, Correctional Supervisor and Kelsey Burns, 28, Defiance, Correspondent.

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in the minutes—

Michelle Manley, Sherwood, vs. Bill Bibler, Sherwood, State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, Newark. Money Judgment.

Charles Martinez, 904 North Lane St., vs. Shelby Martinez, 1640 Fairlawn St. Divorce.

Cheree Lee, 1709 Corriedale Court, vs. Steve Lee, Avon Park, FL. Dissolution of Marriage.

Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC, Anaheim CA, vs. Herbert and Stacy Myers, Hicksville; and Defiance County Treasurer. Foreclosure.

Arlee Armstrong, 385 Harding St., vs. Christy Armstrong, 385 Harding St. Divorced.

Capital One Bank USA, Richmond, Va. v. Darren Morris, 706 S. Clinton St. Money.

Defiance County Treasurer v. Dawn Gordon, 27086 Hoffman Road. Dawn Gordon’s unknown spouse, 27086 Hoffman Road. Capital One Bank USA, Columbus. Unknown Tenant at 27086 Hoffman Road. tax garnishment.

Robert Wojtas, 401 Highland St., vs. Diana Wojtas, Albuquerque, NM Divorce.

Defiance County Treasurer vs. Michael Rafferty, 800 Washington Ave. Michael Rafferty’s unknown spouse, 800 Washington Avenue. Ohio Department of Taxation, Columbus. Unknown Tenant, 800 Washington Ave. tax garnishment.


Stacey Hall, 1692 Durango Drive, vs. Donovan Franz, Swanton, Anghiara Franz, Napoleon. A case that was prejudiced and dismissed.

Steven Diemer, Continental, vs. Lydua Diemer, Continental, Tammy Theisen, New Bavaria, Kacee Theisen, 27904 Hagy Road, State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, Columbus, John Doe, 1 2 3, no address. All claims were dismissed without prejudice.

ProMedica Health Systems, Inc., Toledo, v. Justin Stratton, Sherwood. Default Judgment Granted to Plaintiff.

Jeffrey Walter’s application at 742 Corwin St. was granted, he was returned, and all civil firearms rights were granted.

ProMedica Health Systems Inc., Toledo, v. Jodey Thomas, 29754 Ayersville. plaintiff’s default judgment.

Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC (Norfolk, Va.) v. Nathan Henderson (Hicksville). Plaintiff Consent Decree.

Crosscountry Mortgage, LLC, Lake Zurich, Il. v. Gregory King, Mark Center; Gregory King’s unknown spouse, if any, Mark Center. and Defiance County Treasurer. judgment of the plaintiff.

Brittany Castillo, 313 Colleen Drive, vs. Richard Castillo, 26640 Shindler Road. Marriage dissolved.

Taylor Kohout, Bowling Green vs. Anthony Kohout, 503 Fugate Drive. Marriage dissolved.

Robert Aube, 222 Osceola Ave., vs. Jenna Aube, 15711 Harris Road. Marriage dissolved.

Pennymac Loan Services, LLC, Westlake Village, California. vs. Marietta Grennay, 1604 E. Second St.; Marietta Grennay’s Unknown Spouse, 1604 E Second St.; Ohio Department of Taxation, Columbus. The legal heirs of Ralph Grenée (dec.) or his heirs, if any, are unknown. and Defiance County Treasurer. The case has been dismissed.

Real Estate Transfer—

Defiance Word 1 —

Camille Lively to Colleen Clausen, South Defiance Add., Lot 124.

Joshua and Hilary Kunesh to DFM Rentals, LLC, South Defiance Add., lot 14.

Defiance Ward 2 —

Cortney Teegarden to Elizabeth Long, et al., Phelps and Others, Add., partlots, 23-24.

Defiance Word 3 —

James and Joyce Hageman, et al, to Trent Muehlfeld, Northfield Add, lot 14.

From Barry and Audrey Roth Trustees, Joseph Richmond, Southworth’s Add., lot 34.

Ward of Defiance 4 —

Wayne and Kathleen Stuffed Animals, Jason and Allen Brown, Annesbury Place, Add, to Lot 53.

RF2 Acquisitions, LLC, to S, Lester Investments, LLC, et al, East Defiance Add., part lot 65.

Fred Mansfield to Kristin Keirsey, Chalat Place, part lot 8.

Defiance Township —

Wilfred Temple to Kimmi Floro, Sec. 9, 0.22 acres.

Hicksville village —

Mildred Worden (dec.) to Calvin Worden, Edgerton’s Second Add., part lot 39-40.

Calvin Worden to Kenneth Stine, Edgerton’s Second Add., part lot 39-41.

Tommy and Victoria Bigger to Tracey Bigger, Edgerton’s 2nd Add., Lot 8.

Hicksville Township —

Ruth Timbrook Estate to Abraham and Clara Gerber, Sec. 9, 20.57 Acres.

Robert and Sharon Sweet to Timothy Taylor, Sec. 36, 1.5 Acres.

Highland Township —

Patricia Vandermark, Sec. 4, 0.49 Acres, 0.347 Acres from Robert Vandemark Estate.

Gerald Miller to Gerald Miller and Julie Wilson, Sec. 5, 2.272 Acres.

Dyle and Eleanor Roth to Michael Roth, Sec. 7, 18.018 Acres (Combo), 2.082 Acres (Combo).

Michael Roth to Dyle and Eleanor Roth, Sec. 7, 2.082 Acres.

Jennifer Brown to Jennifer and Scott Sanford, Sec. 7, 5 Acres.

James Tutwiler to Cody and Alainna Mox, Sec. 34, 1.5 Acres.

Milford Center —

Jeffrey Panico and Maria Del Carmen to Jesse and Kailey Reid, Sec. 24, 1.172 acres.

Milford Hicksville —

Barbara Stutzman, et al, to John Raber, et al, Sec. 33, 29.645 Acres (Split).

Barbara Stutzman, et al., to Melvin and Mary Bontrager, Sec. 33, 39.606 (remainder after division).

Jeremiah Raber to Jeremiah and Linda Raber, Sec. 33, 5.172 acres.

Noble Township —

Robert Marihugh (dec.) to Susie Marihugh, Sec. 8, 6 Acres.

South Richard —

Benjamin Sheets, Sec. 25, 1.049 acres (divided) from Rebecca and Thomas Sheets.

Washington Township —

Richard and Mary Batt to John and Melissa Coressel, Sec. 25, 45.22 Acres, 25.14 Acres, 1.5 Acres.

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