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Defiance County

Marriage License—

Samuel Whalen, 22, Defiance, OS Repair Specialist, Nicole Keller, 22, Defiance, Administrative Assistant.

David Anderson, 34, Hicksville, Laborer, Stephanie Bunnell, 31, Hicksville, Laborer.

Abraham Stottlemeyer, 26, Defiance, Deputy Sheriff Samantha Martin, 24, Defiance, Certified Medical Assistant.

Dennis Tucker, 50, Hicksville, Touring, Amber Finer, 30, Hicksville, Molding.

Cecilia Waters, 31, Hicksville, housewife and Rogelio Benavides, 34, Hicksville, factory worker.

Common request—

in the minutes—

Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC, Norfolk, Virginia, v. Kimberly Draghiceanu, 407 Seneca St. Money.

Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC, Norfolk Va., vs. Michael Chancey, 1744 Lora Lane. Money Judgments.

James McKee, Brian, v. John Weller, Ney, Sharon Weller, Ney, Susan Crites Brian, Edgerton, Susan Crites Unidentified Spouses Bryant, Edgerton, Defiance County Treasurer, Clinton Street 221 Foreclosure .

Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC, Norfolk VA. v. Chaz Sweinhagen, Paulding. Money Judgment.


Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC, Troy, Michigan; Unknown guardian, address not available. Second National Bank, Newark; Defiance County Treasurer, address unknown. seizure order.

The Huntington National Bank, Columbus, vs. Macy Fout, 18622 Ohio 15. Plaintiff default judgment.

Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC (Norfolk) v. Linda Wineland (Hicksville). judgment of the plaintiff.

Defiance County Treasurer vs. Stephanie Kent, MacLeod, Oklahoma; Stephanie Kent, MacLeod Oklah’s Unknown Spouse, Plaintiff Default.

Michael Dewyse, Bay City, MI, vs. Donna Dewyse, 25756 Behrens Road. Divorce was granted.

Kelly-Anne Shannon, 21215 Parkview Drive, vs. Kevin Shannon, 21859 Kaiser Road. Divorce was granted.

Gerald Westrick, 1590 Westgate Drive, vs. Carrie Westrick, 1567 S. Clinton St. Divorce granted.

Portia Dodd, 1122 S. Clinton St. vs. Robert Dodd, 1122 S. Clinton St. Marriage dissolved.

Destiny Hostettler, Ney, vs. Defiance County Child Support Enforcement Agency; and Wesley Hostettler, 1030 Harrison Ave. Child support and related orders are hereby dismissed.

Matthew Zajac, Milton Center, v. Flatrock Bridge Group, Maumee, Ohio Office of Workers Compensation, Columbus. fired for prejudice.

Barbara Brown, Address Unknown vs. Troy Brown, Address Unknown. Warning to respondent, terms are valid until his 2027.

Real Estate Transfer—

Adams Township —

Keith Michaelis to Keith and Shay Michaelis, Co-Trustee, Sec. 4, southwest.

Jerry and Carol Wiemken to Jerry Carol Wiemken, Joint Trustees, Sec. 14, 20.317 Acres.

From Robert and Bonnie Moser Trustees, Jason Bidlack, Sec. 34, 77.043 Acres.

Defiance Word 1 —

To Tina Marshall et al., C. Property’s, LLC, Riverside Park Add., lot 12.

Michelle Nicholson to Michelle and Thomas Nicholson, South Defiance Add., lot 253.

Tighe Duston, et al, to Karri Rundle-Higdon, Lloyd’s Acres, lot 4, part lot 5.

Doris Hitchcock (December) to Alan Hitchcock, Hoffman’s first addition, lot 34, part lot 33.

Breena Breedlove to Breena Breedlove, Trustee, Lot between Maumee and Aglaize, Part Lot 63.

Defiance Ward 2 —

Richard Robeson (dec.) to Leslie Ramey, Ottley’s et al Add., lot 1.

Defiance Word 3 —

Joshua Flanary to Douglas and Christine Ward, Fales and Adams Add., Lot 52.

Ward of Defiance 4 —

Ronnie Taylor to Shannon Taylor, Zachrich Add., Lot 3.

Ernesto and Leticia Jimenez to Greg and Melanie Persons, Oak Park Add., Lot 25.

Donny Hwang, et al, to Grant Smalley, East View Add., lot 214-215.

Curtis Turner (dec.) to Curtis Turner, S&S Ranchland Heights Third Revised Sub., lot 45.

Defiance Township —

Austin Phillips to Mark Newman, Sec. 11, 1.71 Acres.

Dennis and Amy Ducat to Brett and Brittney Wagner, Blue Diamond’s Estate, Lot 2-3.

Sherwood Village —

Benjamin and Shirley Keil to John Fifer et al., Sherwood Crossing Phase II, Lot 26.

Farmer Township —

James Kline to James and Suzanne Kline, Sec. 20, 2.771 Acres.

Hicksville Village —

Sherria Fincham (December) to Johnny Fincham, Clearwater Submarine. Extension 1, Lot 32.

Stephen and Rhonda Carryer to Dustin and Christina Nickel, Edgerton’s second addition, Lot 82.

Joahua and Natalie Kaluza to Mary Ann Driver, Bontrager Condos, Until 1.

Hicksville Township —

Thurman Middaw to Ronnie Middaw, Sec. 8, 74.444 Acres.

James Kline, et al., to James and Susanne Kline, et al, Sec. 13, 80 acres.

James Kline to James and Susanne Kline, Sec. 24, 49.34 acres.

Highland Township —

Catherine Carnahan to Wade and Jennier Wortkoetter, Sec. 27, 3.37 Acres.

Keith and Pamela Myers to Ralph and Andrea Meade, Sec. 33, 1 acre.

Mark Township —

James Kline to James and Susanne Kline, Sec. 5, 120 Acres.

Milford Edgerton —

Randall Miller, et al., to Brandon Miller, Sec. 11, 2 acres.

Milford Hicksville —

Marilyn Smith (dec.) to Edward Smith, et al, Sec. 31,159 acres.

Noble Township —

Homestead Acres, Inc., to Thomas and Valerie Essex, Valley Creek Sub Phase III, lot 50-51.

Homestead Acres, Inc., to Sandra Essex, Valley Creek Sub Phase III, lot 52.

Noble Township —

William Westrick to Sharon and Robert Crowe, River Chase Condos Phase I, Unit 16.

Jody and Robert Thornell to Eric Montoya, Brunersburg, Lot 27.

Aric and Michele Diehl to H&T Two Sons, LLC, Brunersburg, lot 28.

Murel and Melissa Lloyd to Clayton Crates and Ashton Hill, Sec. 21, 5.001 Acres.

Defiance City-Ayersville LSD —

Carrie and Nicholas Engel to Rebecca DeMunn and Holly Body, Engelwood’s third addition, Lot 54.

Tiffin Township —

Merle and Joyce Seiler to Lynn Smith et al., Trustee, Sec. 2, 64.838 Acres, 139.26 Acres.

Breena Breedlove to Breena Breedlove, Trustee, Sec. 31 18.989 Acres, 3.735 Acres.

Washington Township —

Darryl and Jeanne Carrier to Darryl and Jeanne Carrier, Sec. 32, 21.973, 0.986 Acres.

Nei Village —

Megan Hicks to Brandon Jordan, Mackinaw Add., Part Lot 36, Auditor’s Plat, Part Lot 47. Defiance County Courthouse Oct. 20, 2022 | News

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