Detroit mother and daughter graduate nursing school together

Detroit mother-daughter duo Shalitha and Michey Davis both helped each other graduate from Hondros College of Nursing this spring.

TOLEDO, OH — Graduating from college is a big accomplishment, but graduating with a family member makes it even more special.

That’s what happened to one mother-daughter duo who graduated together in Toledo this spring.

Mother and daughter Shalitha and Mishay Davis hail from Detroit but graduated from college together. Hondros College of Nursing in Toledo.

“We found Hondros and I wanted to go, so she decided she wanted to go too. So we decided to do it together,” said Shalisa.

Shalitha has worked as a practicing nurse for over 20 years, but said she would like to work more in the field. She said her mother was glad she was allowed to cross the stage first because her emotions were running high.

“As a mother, seeing my children graduate from college gives me a certain sense of completion,” Shalitha said. “As parents, we will feel that we did the right thing, even if we made a mistake.”

And it was right. Shalitha’s daughter Mishay has literally followed in her mother’s footsteps.

Mishay said it inspired her to attend her mother’s classes, and both admitted to playing the role of mother.

”[I would] Instead of her yelling at me to do her homework, be with her like, ‘Did you study, did you do your homework?'” Mishay said.

They weren’t the only two in the family to celebrate hard work this year. Justin Davis, Mishay’s brother and Shalitha’s son, also completed his college degree just a week later. His mother and daughter say his achievements have made them all the better and praise him for his help.

“He took care of my daughter and granddaughter on days when we both had to be in school or hospital, so he was a complex part of the program for us,” Shalitha said. said.

Mishay has passed the board and intends to continue attending school. She hopes to become a family doctor.

Shalitha said she wants to open her clinic to help communities with low access to medical care.

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