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DeWine approves photo ID requirements, other election restrictions

Columbus, Ohio (AP) — Signed by Republican Ohio Governor Mike DeWine A sweeping package of electoral law reforms Friday, including the state’s first photo ID requirement and a shortened window for returning and processing ballots after Election Day.

In a statement, DeWine said: new law Protect the integrity of elections.

“I thank the General Assembly for working with my administration on changes to House Bill 458 to ensure that more restrictive proposals are not included in the final bill,” he said. “Legislators should include our proposal to expand access to valid photo ID and preserve the ability of Ohioans to vote absentee without the more restrictive identification requirements discussed. I did.”

The second-term governor said, “I don’t think we’ll see any more legislative changes to Ohio’s voting procedures during my time as governor,” calling for legislative attempts to limit the state’s voting laws. He suggested that he might refuse.

Among other changes, the measure prohibits street voting, except for those with disabilities, and limits ballot drop-boxes on Election Commission grounds to one per county.

Secretary of State Frank LaRose set a one-location cap by directive in a recent election, but multiple boxes are allowed on the premises. he has the right to permit They are located in various parts of the county.

LaRose, also a Republican, joined DeWine in supporting the new law, saying Ohio had found a “common sense way” to impose strict photo ID requirements without disenfranchising voters. .

“While no law can be solved with a silver bullet, it reiterates that we take the concerns of Ohioans seriously and are committed to the continued improvement of our election,” he said in a statement.

The new law also prohibits LaRose and the county board of elections from prepaying for ballot return shipping.

By shortening the time frame for mailed ballots and provisional processing, Republicans have closed the ballot-counting process under public scrutiny since former President Donald Trump’s false claim that the 2020 election was stolen. I’m trying to speed it up.

Democrats and voting rights advocates are calling it an excuse to make voting more troublesome in states. says you don’t have to.

Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Elizabeth Walters accused DeWine of garnishing the bill with signatures.

“Ohio Republicans know that their unrealistic agenda and anti-worker policies are betraying Ohio voters, and they don’t want to be held accountable.” They further rigged the rules in their favor, pushed one of the worst anti-vote measures in the entire nation, continued to line the pockets of corporate donors, and drained Ohio’s working families. I am trying to make it possible.”

https://fox8.com/news/dewine-oks-photo-id-requirement-other-election-restrictions/ DeWine approves photo ID requirements, other election restrictions

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