Do you love bonuses and rewards? Check these offers to get the most rewards

The continuous advancement of technology is making our lives easier at each and every step. Technology has helped build a community based on unique infrastructure. With the constant upgradation, technology has helped us to enter the world of online gaming. These online games even have features where we can earn real money. To know how to claim the bonuses and rewards from the online games, one has to go through what kind of online games are there and which ones have the best offers.

Online gaming

Games have been played since the 9th century BC, and now, with technological development, everyone is able to enjoy games via different online websites, apps etc. Almost each and every person carries a smartphone with them, which has made it even easier to play whenever they want – in order to kill time, to play casually or even competitively. There are varieties of games available throughout different platforms. The most common games that are famous among gamers are:

  • Card games
  • Casual games
  • Trivia games

Let us dive deep into these different categories of games.

Play and win exciting rewards

Do you love bonuses and rewards? Check these offers to get the most rewards

Different Types of Online Games

  1. Card game: Card games are the most popular genre among other games. These are the games that use the deck of playing cards as the key component (the decks can be traditional or game-specific). Card games are often known as games of chances. As the name suggests, these games are based on luck and chances. Thus, the odds of winning big rewards and bonuses from these games depend on those chances. There are several kinds of card games. Some of the classic ones are:
  • Rummy: Played with 2-6 players
  • Teen Patti: Played with 3-6 players
  • Poker: Played with 2-7 players
  • Bluff: Played with 3-10 players
  • Bridge: played with four players (2 teams of 2 players each

2. Casual games: These are the games targeted at a mass-market audience with a broad genre. These games require light strategies, low-intensity mechanisms and time management. These play-to earn games are easy to play and understand. Most people can easily pick up the pace of the game and enjoy it casually. There are many casual games, such as:

  • Carrom
  • Pool table game

3. Trivia games: In trivia games, players compete against each other by answering interesting questions and facts (including several subjects). These are mostly based on quiz games.

Bonuses & Rewards from These Games

There are various games available that provide massive rewards and bonuses. The more attractive the rewards, the more the games played. The rewards are often based on points and certain levels in-game. The bonuses are introduced to encourage the growth of the game and to motivate the player base. These are an important part of gamification, which not only enhance the design of entertainment in games (through the feeling of enjoyment and flow) but also the feelings of mastery, autonomy, and a sense of belonging.

There are different types of rewards that are applied in persuasive games to encourage the players to be persistent and fond of the achievement of desired real-world goals. The types of rewards that are seen in most of the popular games like GetMega and Prime Captain are:

  • Monetary rewards: The rewards which actually have dominant value in the real world outside the game.
  • Virtual rewards: The rewards that are viable only in the game based on score or points. These come in handy to buy in-game products, i.e., the purchasable products from the game.
  • Social rewards: The rewards that a player receives via other players in the form of fame and compliments. This type of reward consists of positive incentives related to the general human need of feeling related to others.

Among all different types of rewards, the players are most hyped about the monetary rewards. Play-and-earn is a promising new monetization model that harmonizes the incentives between players, developers and investors.

There are several websites that facilitate the player with the ability to earn real money just by playing online games. Websites like GetMega, Prime Captain, are popular among gamers.

Rewards in GetMega and Prime Captain

The motto of GetMega is to provide the users with unique gameplay and entertainment experience along with the exhilarating rewards of real monetary bonuses. India’s one of the best real money gaming websites, GetMega, has the feature of referral rewards and signup bonuses.

  1. GetMega provides an appealing referral scheme. GetMega offers Rs.10 on every referral, i.e. when a player invites a friend to play a game with them via the app. However, there are some conditions that must be fulfilled.
  • Referral should be in the referee’s contact list.
  • Referral must have played one game with the referee in video chat mode.

On the other hand, Prime Captain asks their members to play and share with others, and one will be eligible for the referral code program; when the referred friend joins the game and makes their first deposit, the one who shared the code will receive 10% of the amount.

2. GetMega presents the player with Rs.5 as a signup bonus which can be used to play any and every game on their platform, whereas Prime Captain offers a signup amount to keep the players engaged with further participation.


Thus, one who loves playing online games should always keep an eye on these existing offers provided by these amazing apps like GetMega and Prime Captain.


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