Doug Drew establishes donation plan for WOUB

Former WOUB student Doug Drew continues to build on his WOUB experience by planning a financial gift of over $250,000 in donations to help current WOUB students improve their skills and take their careers to the next level.

Doug Drew WOUB Student Professional Development Fund Provide general support for the professional development experience of students involved. woob To prepare for a career in media. Drew originally established the fund in May 2022 with an investment of $125,000. This newly planned donation to the Endowment Fund, with the University/WOUB as the beneficiary of the IRA account, will ensure Drew’s tradition of supporting current students at WOUB continues.

“Thanks to the two professional journalists who oversaw WOWB, I learned a lot about the news business during my college days and was well prepared to launch a career in broadcasting after graduation. Bruce Cuthbertson, he taught me the reality of being a broadcast journalist in a working newsroom,” Drew said. “After 20 years working in TV news as a reporter, anchor, executive producer and news director, I became a TV news consultant. And for another 20 years, I traveled the world, visiting newsrooms and networks, teaching working journalists better storytelling and introducing new trends in the industry, much like the two professionals who helped me at WOWB many years ago.”

Drew grew up in Cincinnati and attended Ohio University in the mid-1970s.of Radio and Television Major I fell in love with Athens and was excited to have hands-on, real-world experience at WOWB.

“In 1974, I attended an information session at the WOWB TV studios to learn about student volunteer opportunities at sports broadcasters. I was interested in becoming a sports broadcaster. When the session was over, the coordinator suggested that students who wanted a career in sports go to the other side of the room, and students who wanted to be on the news to stay with us. Three-quarters of the room walked to the other side,” Drew said. “Whether it was frozen in fear or I actually realized that less competition would open up more opportunities for me, I stayed where I was and started my career as a reporter. It was the best decision I ever made.”

As an avid former WOUB student, Drew has been a member of the WOUB Alumni Engagement Group for almost two years. This group has helped create the WOUB Mentoring Program, the WOWB Job Connections Program, and WOWB Wednesdays. All of this connects current and former WOWB students and leverages the professional connections that alumni have to support current students’ careers in the media industry.

“I created this fund to continue my passion for professional teaching, to bring working professionals to WOWB for workshops, and to enable WOWB students to attend conferences and meetings that help prepare them for a career in television news,” Drew said. “We are thrilled to leave this legacy of support to WOWB students.”

https://www.ohio.edu/news/2023/07/doug-drew-establishes-planned-donation-woub Doug Drew establishes donation plan for WOUB

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