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Dozens of Russian soldiers feared dead in Ukraine strike

When a “significant number” of Russian soldiers were killed on New Year’s Eve, Ukrainian Officials said the military had shelled a building housing conscripts in the country’s occupied territory.

Makiewka City ‘Technical School’ Under US-Fed Attack HIMARS ArtilleryAccording to Daniil Bessonov, a senior Russian-backed official, the building was occupied by Russian military personnel, he added.

“There have been quite a few casualties,” Bessonov said in Telegram. director Sunday night.

Russian state news agency TASS on Monday report The Ministry of Defense announced that 63 people were killed.

Ukraine bears no responsibility for attack, but its military posted cryptic message message Telegram Sunday night: “Santa bagged the corpses of about 400 Russian soldiers as a result of ‘careless handling of heaters’, neglect of security measures and smoking in unspecified areas.”

“About 300 more are injured to varying degrees,” the account added.

NBC News could not confirm the claims from either side, and Russian and Ukrainian officials were not immediately available for comment.

On Sunday, the leader of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, Denis Pushirin, said many civilian installations were attacked by Ukrainian forces on New Year’s Eve. Tas.

Bezsonov criticized the “crowded deployment of personnel”, which he said led to casualties.

Russian forces are also attacking cities Ukraine More recently, it has launched missile and drone attacks on key civilian infrastructure.

Overnight, the capital city of Kyiv came under attack from Iranian-made drones. Mayor Vitali Klitschko said 22 planes were destroyed in Kiev, three in the Kyiv region and 15 in neighboring provinces.

People stand next to the site of the Russian attack in Kyiv on Monday. (AP Photo/Renata Brito)Renata Brito / AP

“Energy infrastructure facilities have been damaged as a result of nighttime shelling of the capital. director.

The mayor said the attack resulted in damage to energy infrastructure and an explosion in one district of the city. It was not immediately clear whether it was from the drone or other ammunition. The injured 19-year-old was hospitalized, Klitschko added, with an emergency power outage underway in the capital.

Since October, Russia has carried out airstrikes on power and water supplies almost every week.

Anastasia Parafeniuk, Artem Grudinin When Associated Press contributed.

https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/dozens-russian-soldiers-feared-dead-ukrainian-strike-donetsk-rcna63912 Dozens of Russian soldiers feared dead in Ukraine strike

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