Dragons Advance to Class ‘A’ State Championship for Third Consecutive Season

Kanawha County, West Virginia (WTRF) – No. 1 seed Cameron Dragons will take on No. 5 Webster County Highlanders in the Class ‘A’ state semifinals.

The Highlanders paused Cameron’s offense for a scoreless second period. However, the Dragons came back hungry after the first half and scored a total of 37 points.

Webster was led by Sidney Baird who scored a total of 40 points, three of which were triples.

Ashlyn Van Tassel has 24 points and 21 rebounds.

she contested the basket late in the 4th A win for the Dragons.

Cameron beat Webster County 54-51 to go to the championship for the third straight season.

Coach Holly Pettit said the Dragons were a third-quarter team and that made a big difference in the game.

Definitely not our girls best game. Going scoreless in the second quarter isn’t something we’re proud of, but it did happen. Kudos to Webster for pulling us out of the game a little bit. Big kudos to Sydney Baird and the Webster team. You know she’s a tough basketball player. She had her guard up her 40 two games in a row, but honestly I think my daughters defended as best they could.

Holly Pettit, Cameron’s head coach

I mean, we were down in the first half, but we put it back together…the energy on the bench was insane. Our student section was awesome. It’s now here to gain that momentum and come back, which means winning.

Kenzie Clutter, 15 points, 6 assists

Tip-off is Saturday at 12:30 pm against No. 2 Tucker County.

https://www.wtrf.com/sports/the-dragons-advance-to-class-a-state-championship-for-a-third-straight-season/ Dragons Advance to Class ‘A’ State Championship for Third Consecutive Season

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