Dummer Hamlin’s downfall: Cleveland Browns players offer prayers

Myles Garrett tweeted, “Praying hard for D. Hamlin.”

Clevelandβ€”Since then, prayers are pouring in from across the country Buffalo Bills’ Dumar Hamlin collapsed in first quarter against the Cincinnati Bengals during Monday Night Football at Paycor Stadium.

All because Hamlin had a cardiac arrest and is now in critical condition. According to the Bills’ statement early Tuesday morning.

“His heartbeat has recovered on the field and he has been transferred to UC Medical Center for further examination and treatment,” the team announced on Twitter shortly before 2 a.m.

Members of the Cleveland Browns are among those wishing good luck to Hamlin and his family.

The Browns organization itself shared the following message. “Our thoughts and prayers are with Dahmer Hamlin.”

“Praying hard for D Hamlin” — Miles Garrett.

“A Prayer to Dummer Hamlin” — Durnest Johnson.

“By praying to God Dumar Hamlin we can get out of this safe and healthy state… Prayers to all.” — Cade York

“My prayers go out to Dumar Hamlin and his family. This is heartbreaking. God please give him the blood of Jesus. Amen.” — David Nyok.

Donovan Peoples-Jones retweeted the following video.

Denzel Ward retweeted this clip.

Fans of both teams gathered outside Cincinnati Hospital overnight to show their support.

“Everybody here hopes he’s okay,” said one fan.

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