Ella on the Scene: Devonta Smith’s Lasting Influence

Gabriella DiGiovanni

Indianapolis – Here in Indianapolis, we’re going full steam ahead as the defensive linemen and linebackers kicked off the workout portion of the week’s festivities on Thursday night. It was an exciting evening with spectacular performances. Day 4 looks like it will be another busy day.

7:00 am – Fran and I had an early breakfast. Quarterback, wide receiver, tight Indiana She had to go to the convention center as soon as her end started talking at 8am.

8 am – What a circus! Alabama quarterback Bryce Young completed his first place podium. The media packed around his stands and he asked a lot of questions. His CJ Stroud, the Ohio State quarterback, followed him at 8:20 am. Both quarterbacks display composure and humility, his two impressive prospects to keep an eye on throughout the draft process.

Nebraska wide receiver Trey Palmer was the high school rival of Eagles wide receiver Devonta Smith. Both raised in Louisiana, Smith attended Magnet High School while Palmer was a student at Trentwood High School.

Palmer’s face lights up as he talks about Smith, saying Smith’s high school recruitment and subsequent successful college and NFL career really motivates him. Growing up in the same small town and “making it” was nothing short of an inspiration for the young receiver.

Cincinnati tight end Josh Whyle joins a group of college positions with a successful history that includes former Eagles tight end Brent Sellek.

“I was really like, ‘Oh, I can do this,'” Whyle recalls. “We have a sign up in our room that says ‘Walk the best tight end in the country through these halls.’ and make them feel the same way.

In 2022, Whyle broke Celek’s record for most career touchdown receptions by a tight end (15). He initially didn’t know he had broken the record, but he said it was a “pretty cool” achievement.

Whyle went on to say that he finally got to meet Serek at the Combine this week. His eyes widened a little, and his smile widened as he remembered that moment.

Whyle and Celek both attended the same high school, LaSalle High School in Cincinnati, so the similarities don’t end there. Whyle stated that he was not only familiar with Celek and his success, but also that the high school he saw in his teens had a banner of Celek hanging.

Based on the session I attended, other players who made an impression on me at the media session were WR Quentin Johnston (TCU), TE Michael Mayer (Notre Dame), WR Tank (Nathaniel) Dell (Houston).

Del certainly had one of the funniest moments when asked about his nickname, Tank. He shared that it was the nickname his mother gave him when he was a baby because his head was so big, he went on to say that it reflected his style of play. I kept saying. He won’t get his official combine measurements until Saturday morning, but the Houston website lists him as 5-foot-10.

In 2022, Dell will lead all of college football in receiving yards and touchdowns, and in April has a chance to become the first Houston wide receiver to be selected in the first two days of the draft in 15 years.

During a media session, Tennessee wide receiver Jarrin Hyatt was asked what she thought of the comparison to the NFL. Hyatt mentioned Devonta Smith because of his long arms and ability to capture everything with his hands. “He’s dynamic and explosive. That’s what I’m going for,” said Hyatt. “Besides that, he’s done well in the SEC and obviously what he’s doing in the league is what I want to do.”

The Hyatt had great success against Smith’s Crimson Tide this season as the Volunteers defeated Alabama for the first time in 15 years. Hyatt scored five touchdowns that night.

1pm – lunch time. Fran and I are undefeated in his selection for lunch this week. important. After eating, Lucas Oil returned to his stadium.

3:00 p.m. The defensive back took the field for training. Players were divided into two groups, where he was a cornerback and a safety.

Cornerback took the lead. This group was flying on his 40-yard dash. Michigan’s DJ Turner set the fastest unofficial time of 4.27. Here are some of the notable performers in alphabetical order.

Bryan Branch (Alabama), Christian Gonzalez (Oregon), Clarke Phillips III (Utah), Trevius Hodges Tomlinson (TCU)

Hodges Tomlinson, nephew of NFL legend Ladainian Tomlinson, was my winner of the night. At 5 feet 8 inches, he looked like a bowling ball shot out of a cannon. He was incredibly sophisticated, combining burst, speed and strength.

Branch looked like an experienced pro on the field tonight, as Alabama players usually do. rice field. He was smooth and showed plenty of balance, body control and flexible hips. His gauntlet drill was probably the most impressive exercise I’ve seen all night. “A work of art.” He was catching the ball like an elite receiver.

A safety then took the field. This workout felt a little different in that there were quite a few players who performed very solidly and were gradually getting more and more successful with each exercise. Here are some of the notable performers in alphabetical order.

Jordan Battle (Alabama), Sidney Brown (Illinois), Chamari Conner (Virginia Tech), DeMarco Helams (Alabama), Brandon Hill (Pittsburgh), Jordan Howden (Minnesota), Antonio Johnson (Texas A&M), Giartavius Martin (Illinois), Kaevon Merriweather (Iowa), Gervarrius Owens (Houston), Jammie Robinson (Florida)

Martin stood out with a vertical jump of 44 inches. During his career at the University of Illinois, he played various roles in the secondary. This is a testament to his versatility. He was clean, sleek, athletic and an excellent tracker in football. He controlled acceleration, turned well and had impressive footwork.

The Illinois secondary was well-represented at the Combine this year, and cornerback Devon Witherspoon, the most notable player, did not attend training on the field. I was looking forward to it.

This is a wrap of the defensive side of the 2023 NFL Scouting Combine. Saturday is another big event. Quarterbacks, wide receivers, and tight ends come onto the field. In the morning I talk to offensive linemen and running backs. Listen to the Journey to the Draft podcast daily because we’ve got you covered from Indianapolis.

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