Ensuring Voter Registration Status Ahead of Ohio’s Purge: A Step-by-Step Guide

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose has issued directives to officials regarding the removal of inactive voters from registration rolls ahead of the upcoming November election. Here’s what you need to know to verify your registration status and ensure you remain registered.

With the presidential election on the horizon, Ohioans like Mary Jo Boehnlein are emphasizing the importance of voting. Boehnlein, a resident of Cuyahoga County, consistently participates in elections, while others, like Cynthia Hatcher, are less frequent voters, particularly in primary elections.

County boards of elections are now urging less frequent voters to confirm their registration status. Tony Kaloger, the deputy director of the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections, describes the voter purge as an effort to maintain accurate voter rolls. LaRose’s recent directive mandates local officials to commence the removal of inactive voters, with a deadline for identifying individuals for removal set for May 21. Final “registration readiness notice” mailers must be dispatched by May 31.

Kaloger explains that voter purges occur periodically, typically triggered by factors such as a change in mailing address coupled with four years of inactivity or six years of non-voting, even without a change in address. However, measures are in place to prevent the premature or unfair cancellation of registrations.

Boards of elections will send multiple mailings to prompt individuals to confirm their address and voter status. Responding to these mailers will ensure retention on the voter rolls. Additionally, individuals can visit the local board of elections office or contact them directly to inquire about their registration status.

While LaRose is expected to release a list of removed voters before the registration deadline, individuals can proactively check their registration status on the secretary of state website. Taking these steps ensures an active and accurate voter registration ahead of the upcoming election.

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