Euclid clerk hits robber with sword

Euclid, Ohio (WJW) – Video surveillance footage showed a store clerk fed up with violent criminals fighting back with an armed robbery.

“People are fed up,” Degea Steiner said. “I come to work every day. The store owners are having a hard time too, and it’s hard to see people coming out here and just robbing people and harming people.” It’s hard. It’s not OK.”

Steiner works at the Magic Wizard Smoke Shop on East 185th Street. Euclid. On Tuesday afternoon, a masked man entered the store and pointed a gun at her. The robbery was captured on security video.

After demanding money, Steiner said the robbers demanded THC e-cigarettes. She told him he didn’t have any. He then asked for other items. When Steiner went to pick up some items, he also grabbed the entire showcase and threw it at the suspect.

“I wanted to get out of that situation, so I did everything I could,” Steiner stressed.

After throwing the case at the suspect, the two ended up in a fistfight on the ground. Then Steiner grabbed the sword near the cash register and started swinging it.

Video credit: Euclid Police

The suspect fired a gun and yelled at Steiner to “go back.”

“After the gunshots, I just ran out the door,” Steiner said. She immediately called for help, too.

The video shows the suspect taking off with some items and cash. Euclid Police Chief Scott Meyer said the suspect was very dangerous.

“This clerk was very lucky that he was not injured or killed during the incident,” Meyer said. “She’s really happy that she’s doing well.”

Euclid Police Inspector Mitch Hauser said no arrests had been made, but police were still looking for the suspect.

“There was quite a bit of fighting, as you can see by the way she grabbed the e-cigarette case and slammed it over his head,” Hauser said. “When they fell to the ground, she grabbed her sword and swung it at him several times. She hit him, but her scabbard was still on so there was no damage.”

Steiner, 27, who hopes to one day become a graphic designer, said he hoped the suspect would be found before he hurt anyone. She also gave him this advice:

“I understand that life is difficult. It’s difficult for me too,” Steiner said. I am even considered homeless now. And I still get up and work. I have to work. We all need to work to help our economy. If life gives you another chance, do the right thing. ”

https://www.nbc4i.com/news/state-news/video-store-clerk-grabs-sword-fights-back-against-armed-robber-in-euclid/ Euclid clerk hits robber with sword

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