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Everything you need to know about Change Data Capture in SQL

Data is the new oil, and businesses that need to grow fast, need to rely on data for deriving data insights and making critical decisions. According to a study, data driven businesses are faster to move and execute changes pertaining to evolving market trends and consumer insights. However, simply having access to data isn’t enough in today’s hyper competitive landscape, businesses need to move fast to gain the right data insights, because data gets old and redundant very quickly, losing half of its value after eight-nine hours . The usefulness of data hinges on how fast a business can access, analyse and act on it.

This is where Change Data Capture (CDC) comes into the picture. CDC is a software process which plays a vital role in identifying and ensuring that any modifications made in the source data are automatically updated and replicated to the destination data set. With Change Data Capture, businesses can move at the speed of change, and ensure they are acting upon the most up-to-date data at hand.

Everything you need to know about Change Data Capture in SQL

Change Data Capture also enables streamlining of data pipelines which enables businesses to share data across applications. This means businesses can derive accurate and updated insights from across many systems. Thus, Change Data Capture helps businesses modernise their data environment, and accelerate business intelligence.

Now, what is SQL server and how is it related to Change Data Capture (CDC)?

Basically, SQL server refers to a database management system by Microsoft which works on the principle of relational database management and supports a variety of transaction processing, analytics and business intelligence applications. SQL server utilises a row-based structure to connect different elements inside of a database table, which helps in eliminating the need for storing data in multiple places inside a database.

Change Data Capture works as a solution to replicate SQL server data in real-time. There are multiple methods of doing so, such as – built-in SQL server CDC, database level CDC, and table level CDC.

Put simply, SQL server CDC is a way with which all data changes made to a database inside Microsoft SQL can be replicated in real time. These changes include updation, modification and deletion of data fields stored inside tables. Change Data Capture finds and reads data changes and records to replicate it in a separate table or database.

So, how does SQL server CDC translate into benefits for data-driven businesses?

  1. Higher Savings: With each data updation instance in a source table, arises the need for updating the change in the source data system, which requires a minimum amount of bandwidth. Change Data Capture’s incremental data loading, instead of loading all at once, requires miniscule bandwidth and thus, causes no congestion or overload in the network traffic. For businesses, this reduced bandwidth and resources translates into lower data transfer costs, fewer operational overheads and increased time savings.
  1. Higher Revenue: The use of data depends on how valuable it is, and the value of data depends on how relevant and up-to-date it is. Businesses that rely on using out-of-date, old data are at the risk of making misinformed and badly timed decisions, which can affect growth and profitability in a negative way. There are both short and long term consequences of not having access to real-time data for analysis and insights. SQL Server Change Data Capture solves this problem by providing access to relevant, most up-to-date data, with which they can move in real-time, and derive insights at the speed of doing business.

Put simply, Change Data Capture helps companies to continuously update sales and customer data and push the updates to multiple lines of businesses through web applications. This two day flow of data enables businesses to instantaneously collect and share information required to make key decisions.

Is your business ready to execute SQL server CDC (Change Data Capture) for real-time data replication and analysis? The key is to understand that SQL server Change Data Capture requires certain privileges, access permissions and custom coding to capture these changes and use them for SQL replication to a cloud based data warehouse.

However, if you want to save time and effort, without involving resources, then Bryteflow is the right tool to capture data changes without needing to code or install any special software.

Ready to harness the power of the cloud for business data applications? Then it’s time to choose the right solution to implement the data transformation. By utilising third party data replication solutions, your business can replicate data in real-time to a cloud warehouse.

Choose Bryteflow to experience a simple, seamless and secure tool for SQL server replication with CDC. Just point and click, and leave everything else to the automated, completely code-less tool which can replicate large data volumes parallely for you. All this happens without any impact on your source data, so you can be assured.

Your business no longer needs to compromise with outdated, siloed data. Take control of your data and achieve faster growth with accurate, up-to-date sales and customer data.

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