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Favorite Tree Farm Closes Early Due to Short Supply

To grow more trees for next year, the White House Christmas Tree Farm will be closing a little early this year.

White House, Ohio — Picking and Buying a Real Christmas Tree Whitehouse Christmas Tree Farm in Whitehouse is an annual tradition for many families in the area.

Unfortunately, many of these families may have missed their chances this year.

This year, due to various circumstances, the Christmas tree at our farm was in short supply, and Saturday, one day earlier than usual, was the last day of sales for this season’s Christmas tree.

White House Farm guest Samantha McKee attended the final day with her family.

“We’ve been here for about six years each year and we always find a tree somewhere. Some years it takes less than five minutes, some years it takes more than an hour,” says Mckee.

The McKee family ate hot dogs and sat around the campfire waiting for the tree, but said their favorite part was listening to HO-HO-HO.

“We love seeing Santa. It’s great that he’s always here for us,” said McKee.

Many who visited the farm on Saturday said they didn’t know it was the last day of the season, but they were glad they made it in time.

A week ago, Wheeler Farms, which operates the White House Christmas Tree Farm, told WTOL that labor shortages, high fuel costs, and weather conditions in northwest Ohio were making it difficult to procure Christmas trees. said.

The farm’s Duke Wheeler says they stop selling a little earlier than usual this year to give the trees extra time to grow for next year.

“We are dealing with a supply shortage and want to make sure we have trees for next year. We want to provide that,” Wheeler said.

The White House Christmas Tree Farm hopes everyone will be back next year because they don’t think the Christmas tree shortage won’t last long.

Wheeler Farms also has a Butterfly House, which closed this summer due to damage to the building and supply chain issues.

https://www.wtol.com/article/news/local/christmas-tree-farm-closes-early-this-year-due-to-supply-shortage/512-1e0d11e9-fec0-44d2-ae49-b130ec15d50c Favorite Tree Farm Closes Early Due to Short Supply

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