Fisheries company stole over 100 pollock from charity

[In the player above, watch related FOX 8 News coverage of sentencing for two men for cheating in a Lake Erie walleye tournament.]

columbusOhio (WJW) — A SanduskyOver 100 fish caught illegally by based fisheries company Walleye A few other fish slated to be donated to Sandusky Charity in 2021.

Lake Fish Company Co., Ltd. and his employee Craig Carr (55) oak harbor; Dale Trent, 50 Port ClintonThelma Towner, 69, of Sandusky; and Stanley Swain (55) milanhas since pleaded guilty to one felony and several other misdemeanors. theft and other commercial fish violations, According to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Prosecutors have dismissed other charges against Carr and Trent, including first-degree felony involvement in corrupt practices and third-degree felony falsification of records, according to court records.

The criminals were also ordered to pay a total of $24,120 in damages to a Sandusky-based soup kitchen that was supposed to receive the stolen fish, plus an additional $13,000. Ohio Wildlife Service, according to a news release. The company’s seafood wholesale license was also suspended for 30 days, according to the announcement.

A sentencing hearing is scheduled for November. Court records show Carr and Trent could face up to 18 months in prison.

Fish were caught during Lake Erie pollock, including 112 pollock, 1 steelhead trout, 1 yellow perch and 3 whitefish. fishing The tournament regularly donates the fish it catches to charity “to help those in need,” the release said.Commercial marine product processors, etc. lake fish company Donated fish are paid to fillet and return the ready-to-cook fillets to the receiving charity.

The state wildlife service launched an investigation in 2021 after receiving information that the company and its employees stole donated fish, according to a statement. State officials seized video surveillance footage, fish processing records, and fish packages and carcasses during a warrant raid on the business in November of the same year.

Anyone who witnesses a wildlife violation in Ohio can report it to the police. Ohio Department of Natural Resources Call the Turn in a Poacher hotline at 1-800-POACHER (1-800-762-2437) or Submit Tips on Department Website. Fisheries company stole over 100 pollock from charity

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