Flood relief efforts approved by city council staff

WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – After two weeks of suffering for many people on Wheeling Island, the City Council recognized the incredible efforts of the entire community.

City Councilman Ben Seidler said the Carpenter House logged more than 1,100 volunteer hours, more than 50 city employees working around the clock, and 11 different faith-based organizations logged in just 14 days. These efforts were announced in writing after raising more than $250,000.

People on the island are now recovering, cleaning out their basements and waiting for their furnaces to work again, but their main concern at the moment is cost.

“There are big concerns about funding and people finding the money to replace those items with new federal FEMA guidelines that dictate that if those items break, they need to be moved to the ground floor. So , this brings a whole new level of complexity and financial burden to people. We really hope that FEMA steps up and issues a national flood declaration and gets the financial support to do so. I’m here.”

Ben Seidler – Wheeling City Council, District 2

House of Carpenter continues to accept monetary donations in addition to donations of time and services if anyone is interested in helping.

https://www.wtrf.com/ohio-county/flood-relief-efforts-recognized-by-city-council-officials/ Flood relief efforts approved by city council staff

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