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Foster parents are in high demand, with teenagers needing them the most

In Ohio, nearly 15,000 children live outside their parents’ homes. However, according to the state foster care agency, there are only 6,000 available foster homes.

FINDLAY, OH — There is Approximately 15,000 children statewide who live outside their parents’ homes, according to the state government. However, there are only 6,000 foster homes available.

The imbalance in these numbers has an even bigger impact. Ohio has 1,000 teenagers in need of foster care.

“If anything, it’s the teens who need the most help and need the most support from their parents,” said Abigail Starcher, a professional alternative social worker for families and young people. rice field.

safetyIt’s a non-profit state foster care agency . But Estrella Alvarez says raising teenagers can be very rewarding.

“That 16-year-old who didn’t have anyone to hug?” says Alvarez, recruiter for SAFY’s Findlay chapter. “What about those 10-year-olds? They just want to make someone proud? What about those 12-year-olds? All you have to do is support them? What about that girl?”

SAFY takes in children from Northwest Ohio when local child protective services can’t find a home. But SAFY is running out of homes for children, Alvarez said.

“For every house we get, we may lose a home or two,” she said. Hundreds of children are waiting for homes in the state.”

Ohio now requires foster parents to be at least 18 years old, earn enough to support themselves, and have enough room for their children to be together.there is also Additional requirements.

Starcher said anyone who likes children should consider having one.

“Your race, your ethnicity, your background, your sexual orientation, none of it matters,” Starcher said. It’s an asset that helps us understand where it comes from.”

SAFY tries to put siblings together, but sibling groups of 3 or more make this difficult.

Each foster child has a unique situation, but Alvarez says there is one most important thing to know.

SAFY comes to homes to work with the children, sometimes every other week, allowing them to process and process, Starcher said. Foster parents can learn how to connect with children.

“It’s about consistency and showing up for them,” Starcher said. I’ve seen it. That’s great.”

For more information on how to become a foster parent, visit click here.

https://www.wtol.com/article/news/local/teens-in-need-of-foster-parents-safy-says/512-6a333053-5b9f-48c8-9510-cea47628871a Foster parents are in high demand, with teenagers needing them the most

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