Four Good Samaritans Stopped to Help Ohio Police

After stopping the officer, the man reportedly pushed him in front of people who stopped by the scene for help.

Willoughby, Ohio — willoughby Police Chief Jim Schultz has personally thanked the few Good Samaritans who stopped to help one of the officers in the incident on Saturday afternoon.

Officials said Officer Stacey Wright pulled over a speeding driver on Lost Nation Road just before 4:25 p.m., and the man stopped and exited the vehicle without being asked. rice field. Wright asked him to sit down, but the man refused, eventually pointing her finger near her face and pushing her.

A “physical struggle” ensued between the suspect and Wright after the suspect further declined multiple orders to put his hands behind his back or on top of the car.

Willoughby Det.Sergeant Michael Sebel said WKYC in Cleveland With the help of a bystander who jumped into action, Wright did a good job in the situation.

As Wright and the suspect were struggling, four people who had not previously been in the area stopped and helped her subdue and arrest the man.

“His behavior was aggressive towards her. He refused her several orders. These are all red flags,” Sgt. Sebel explained. “I am grateful that it ended like this because it could have been worse.”

Schultz decided to pay tribute to the community in a statement posted on Facebook.

“I am so proud of our community and the tremendous support we receive every day,” Schultz said earlier this week. “Saturday was another great example.

Swift action of some great Samaritans and our wonderful community and…

Contributor Willoughby Police Station upon Monday, September 12, 2022

“I am very proud to work for Willoughby. Willoughby has good people who are willing to put their safety first,” added Sergeant Sebel. Help that cop

The suspect has been identified as David Corbeck, 64, of Mentor. He is due to appear in court on Thursday on charges of speeding and not wearing a seatbelt, as well as assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest.

The Willoughby Police Department has not released the names of the good Samaritans who stopped by to help officers, but has confirmed it has identified three of the four. He was taken to a medical center where he was treated for minor injuries and released.

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https://www.10tv.com/article/news/local/ohio/4-good-samaritans-stop-help-ohio-police-officer-being-attacked-by-suspect/530-725f5a18-7ded-4462-958a-f5ef8c040adf Four Good Samaritans Stopped to Help Ohio Police

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