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Fracking in Ohio State Parks, forests will soon be allowed

columbus,Ohio (WCMH) – When fracking soon become a reality Ohio A commission from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) had an opportunity for the public to voice their concerns Thursday morning.

At the meeting, activists and people who enjoy statewide parks asked the commission to add a few points to the rules they were drafting.

Activist Kathy Cowan-Becker said the draft contained no public notices or comments.

“Ohio owns public land,” she said. “We are the taxpayers who pay for it, use it, use it for education and enjoyment. I would like an opportunity to speak.”

Cowan Becker and others at the conference want an email notification system so they can alert people when certain parcels of public land are designated to be crushed or extracted. They also sought grounds for crushing designated for easy access on the ODNR website, with an interactive map showing which areas of public land could be crushed.

“There are a lot of really toxic chemicals in fracwater,” Cowan Becker said.

New rules need to be drafted, House Bill 507 was signed into law a few weeks ago, allow oil and gas companies to frack on public land. The law requires states to lease land owned or controlled by state agencies “in good faith.”

HB 507 takes effect on April 7th.

“Because of House Bill 507, the only way they can stop it is by contacting the agency directly and letting the agency know they are being forced to lease, and get that rule through the approval process. ” said Cowan Becker.

If the rule is not approved by April 7, the oil and gas industry will be able to frack and extract at state parks without notifying the public or allowing public comment.

https://fox8.com/news/odnr-tackles-fracking-on-public-lands/ Fracking in Ohio State Parks, forests will soon be allowed

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