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Frederick Smith of Struthers, Ohio shares a photo of his 50-year career on the railroad in Youngstown

Youngtown, Ohio (WKBN) — A former WKBN and WYTV news photographer has just retired after a 50-year railroad career — and he has the photos to prove it.

Earlier this month, Frederick Smith retired from the railroad after 50 years, but his career is well documented.

It was 1973 when 20-year-old Smith, a third-year graduate of Strathers High School, arrived at Youngstown’s B&O station on his first day on the railroad. 50 years later he is retired now he works for CSX.

“I wanted to have my retirement party here, and this was my first choice,” Smith said of the B&O station.

Ownership issues forced Mr. Smith to celebrate elsewhere, but as he passed through the archway of the former train station on Wednesday, he still easily recalls the time spent there. was made.

“We used to meet here. We used to come here every morning.

Smith worked as a truck supervisor and truck inspector after working as a news photographer for WKBN and WYTV. When he started working on the railroad, work that was now done by machine was done by hand.

However, he also applied his skills and love of photography to railroads.

He has pictures of the men he worked with…

Of the trucks he rode…

of workers who set fire to the tracks to facilitate their work

He also has photos of the derailment, including one in downtown Youngstown…

One photo shows a location near the Center Street Bridge in Youngstown. He was in a pickup truck when the train car derailed.

Smith has many binders and boxes of negatives he has shot over the years. They are the history of his time, and the history of railroad life in the last 50 years. He said he easily has thousands of photos.

“I said I would organize a photo exhibition, but it would be very difficult. It was very difficult just trying to get 10 photos,” Smith told First News reporter and anchor Stan Bonney. Told.

When he retired, CSX gave him a 50 year ring and shield. Smith said he enjoyed his time on the railroad.

“Oh, I did, I did, I did. I think that’s why I stayed so long,” Smith said.

One of Smith’s favorite things to do when he retires is to organize all the photos he’s taken over the years. He also wants to hold a train show. He said there are many people interested in railroad memorabilia, some of which he would like to share with the Youngstown area.

https://www.wkbn.com/news/local-news/youngstown-news/photographs-and-memories-local-man-looks-back-on-50-year-career-on-the-rails/ Frederick Smith of Struthers, Ohio shares a photo of his 50-year career on the railroad in Youngstown

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