Gazebo, a building damaged by a spring storm

The National Weather Service said an EF0 tornado was responsible for damaging multiple buildings in downtown Dundee on Saturday morning.

DUNDEE, Michigan — A tornado made landfall in Dundee, Michigan, on Saturday morning, causing significant damage to buildings.

A series of rapid storms had blown off the roof of at least one building by noon, according to the Dundee Fire Department.

Large piles of bricks and debris lined the sidewalks near buildings along Park Place near Tecumseh Street in the heart of downtown.

More debris was strewn around Memorial Park.

6:38 p.m. Saturday, National Weather Service Detroit A tornado with an estimated maximum wind speed of 80 mph was confirmed to have landed in the city just after 11am

At approximately 6:30 pm, Dundee Police announced that everyone who had been asked to leave the area during decontamination operations could return to their homes.

The storm originally landed at the intersection of Brewer Road. and Petersburg Street. Southwest of Dundee before entering the downtown area.

Police say there were no injuries Dundee Police Department.

Companies known to be affected include Tiffany’s Pizza, Cool Beans Coffee, The Independent Newspaper and Garwick Realty.

The pavilion in the memorial park was also damaged by the storm, and the windows of the cars parked on the street seemed to be shattered.

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https://www.wtol.com/article/news/local/buildings-gazebo-suffer-damage-after-storm-rolls-through-downtown-dundee-on-saturday/512-091ccb96-1d67-4ea5-9d10-8d8cc1c3acaf Gazebo, a building damaged by a spring storm

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