Governor DeWine Hints at Impending Controversy Regarding Teachers’ Pension Fund

Amidst mounting grievances over extravagant salaries, staggering investment fees, and lackluster returns, Ohio’s State Teachers Retirement System (STRS) appears to be teetering on the edge of a major crisis.

Governor Mike DeWine recently raised concerns in a press release regarding the termination of a contract with Aon, a consultant for the $90 billion retirement plan. DeWine emphasized the significance of this development, suggesting potential governance issues and non-compliance with audit recommendations within STRS. Furthermore, unspecified allegations against members of the pension fund’s board, some of whom are appointed by the governor, have added fuel to the fire.

Acknowledging these concerns, DeWine’s office announced the forwarding of pertinent documents to various authorities, including the Ohio Ethics Commission and Attorney General Yost, urging them to review the allegations and take appropriate action.

The retirement system has long faced criticism from retirees, who lament the scarcity of cost-of-living increases juxtaposed with substantial bonuses awarded to investment managers. Recent revelations of massive investment losses, coupled with the suspension of STRS’s executive director due to employee complaints, have only exacerbated the situation.

DeWine himself has come under scrutiny for his role in the retirement system’s affairs. His decision to terminate a reform-minded board member was deemed unlawful by the Ohio 10th District Court of Appeals, further complicating the situation.

However, the STRS debacle is just one of several controversies plaguing the DeWine administration. Questions linger about the administration’s involvement in a utility scandal involving hefty bribes and a billion-dollar ratepayer bailout, which has led to high-profile convictions and tragic consequences.

As investigations unfold and tensions escalate, Ohioans await answers and accountability from their state leadership amidst a backdrop of growing turmoil and distrust.

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