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Having difficulty writing an essay? Follow these tips step by step to come up with the best essay.

Almost every student nowadays struggles writing an essay because of how difficult of a task it is. An essay is something that every student has to write countless times for example for college admissions, college scholarships and, etc. Even if a student has a great idea in mind for the essay, they just don’t manage to deliver it as perfectly as it should be and because of that, they get discouraged due to which they stop making efforts to come up with the best essay. This is why you should get help from an online essay writer. There are tons of writers available online who just charge a little fee and will give you the best possible tips and tricks to writing the perfect essay. However, if you can’t afford an essay writer, then you should follow these tips mentioned below step by step.

Pick some interesting as your topic

What matters when writing an essay is what topic you’re writing on. If your topic is boring, people won’t even bother reading the whole essay. They’ll just stop reading somewhere in between once they’re bored. But/s if your topic is eye-catchy and interesting, the reader will read it till the end. This is why you should take your time when researching a topic to write on.

Usually, when you’re given an essay to write, the topic is already given on the assignment paper but if it’s not. Then you should take your time and find something interesting to write about. You can go to your school library and do some research there about your topic.

Also, make sure to read the instructions carefully given on the assignment paper. They’re given by your teacher and they expect you to follow them no matter what. If you don’t follow them, your teacher might even fail you as you failed to meet the requirements of the essay.

Draft your essay

Once you know what you’re going to write about. Don’t jump straight to writing the essay. Draft your essay first so that you know what to write about when you come to the writing part. The first thing you’re going to do is come up with an interesting introduction so that the reader does not get bored reading the first few lines. Then what you’re going to do is make key points of your essay and plot them in each paragraph. You’re going to write about 5 paragraphs out of which 2-3 will include your main points and their support sentences. And that last one will have the conclusion in it.

Present it

After getting done with the draft. You can start writing your essay but make sure to use small sentences as people tend to get confused when reading long sentences. And small sentences are also easy to read and understand. Think of it as you’re writing for an 8th grader. Also, don’t get too wordy when describing things. Keep it simple and interesting to read.


Once you’re done writing your essay. You’ll have to give it closure by writing a conclusion. You’re going to mention your main points briefly here and give your opinion on them. Make sure to use support sentences for it so that it looks like you’re supporting your point of view.

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